12 Lunar day (day) characteristic of the day

12 lunar day – passive energy time. During this period, it is undesirable to develop vigorous activity and make appointments. This is the day of peace and mercy. It needs to be held with the benefit for the soul.

Affairs. Unfavorable time for any affairs. If there is no opportunity to spend passively, only insignificant questions. Large-scale activity will be unsuccessful, and the forces will spend inust. It is recommended to devote a day close or rest.

Work. It is better not to work on this day. If it is impossible, deal with small working issues and problems. We should not begin new projects, search for business partners, investors. It is worth avoiding conversations with the boss. It is not recommended to change the place of work.

Housework. The moon during this period is unfavorrone to any activity, so it’s not worth cleaning, repair and other household matters. Better devote the day of an interesting book, meditation or just stroll. Houses on the house are recommended to transfer to a more favorable time.

Money. Day is not suitable for any financial operations. Therefore, you should not make large-scale purchases, lend money, take out a loan. Money may never return to the owner, and purchases will be unsuccessful. The day is only suitable for planning cash spending.

Love, relationships. Quarrels can break out out of the blue today. It is important to remain calm in any situation and not succumb to provocations. It is useful to give warmth and soulfulness to a loved one – these feelings will return a hundredfold. Sex should be gentle and gentle.

Communication. Good time to communicate with family and friends. It is recommended during this period to devote time to the family, visit the closest relatives, remember old friends. Such communication will bring positive emotions and give good luck until the end of the lunar cycle. The only condition – you can not show aggression, enter into disputes and conflicts.

Trips. The day is not suitable for travel. On the 12 lunar day, you need to stay at home under any pretext. Those who are already on a trip should wait out the unfavorable period. At this time, there is a high risk of losing luggage, unpleasant surprises and meetings.

Haircut and Hair Care. 12 lunar day – ambiguous haircut day. New haircut will give you beauty and attract the attention of the opposite sex, however, it may worsen well-being or cause failure in affairs. During this period, you can paint your hair in any color, do a twist, experiment with hairstyle.

health and beauty. 12 lunar day – Suitable period for cosmetology procedures. At this time, it is recommended to follow your health. Moderate sports will be beneficial to the overall condition of the body. It is important not to rebuild to avoid overwork. Need to eat right, drink plenty of water.

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