15 Moments from Prince Harry’s childhood, reminiscent of how charming he has always been –


Of course, as in many of us, Prince Harry had their unpleasant moments when he passed from adolescent age in adulthood. But it seems, He managed to return to the cute version of himself, which many people remember from his childhood.

Here are 10 funny moments from Childhood Prince Harry, who managed to capture photographers.

Focus on family photo

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Anyone who participated in the family photo shoot knows exactly what the moment is similar to:

You are all finally sitting, even the dog finally froze, and everything you need – It makes one picture that will be « quite decent », . But one of the children simply cannot cope with me and measure for a second.

So always happens, and this is normal.

His first steps!

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Thousands of children around the world take their first steps every second, but Prince Harry’s first steps have been immortalized. Look at his determined face! See how Prince William helps him! Boys, you need to deal with your problems today.

That time he stuck out his tongue at Buckingham Palace

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It seems that even Princess Diana was confused by this trick of Harry. He decided to show his tongue while the royal family watched the Flower Parade, the annual celebration of the Queen’s birthday. Even William looks surprised!

His first day at school with his older brother

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On September 11, 1989, the very pleased Prince Harry first joined his older brother, Prince William, at Weatherby School. In photographs from that day Harry looks very worried from the first visit to school.

He stuck out his tongue again

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Once children find a way to attract attention to themselves (whether good or bad), they tend to repeat this behavior. At some point, Harry probably realized that if he tried his tongue, the violent reaction would follow, and He definitely deployed his opportunities in full force.

He could no longer tolerate this shoes

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If there is one thing that the royal family is strictly honored so – moral standards. But even despite this, 11-year-old Harry, sitting next to his mother at the official event, uncompressed uncomfortable shoes.

Sometimes he clearly drowned William crazy

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Younger brothers and sisters can drive crazy. In this photo, William is physically removed from Harry screaming, and Diana is trying to be calm.

He publicly kept mom by his hand

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Another stunning moment, which illustrates the connection between Harry and Diana, – He kept her hand while the family accompanied William on his first day at the ITON school. Harry was almost 11 years old when this photo was taken and it is really touching that he still wanted to be so close to his mom.

When he missed the last step

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2-year-old Harry just skipped the bottom step of the ladder. Luckily his mom was close at hand, to perform the life-saving drag that many of us are familiar with.

When he hugged Charles

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Rumor has it that Prince Charles is not very affectionate towards his sons. But there are many photographs of him with his children and grandchildren, in which he looks like a very loving father and grandfather. In this 1999 photo, he hugged Harry at a polo game.

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