5 Questions about the Papacy – General


Most fathers believe that their children need them only in adulthood, and occupation with babies – this is a woman’s destiny. However, this is absolutely not the case. From the very first minutes of life, a newborn baby can feel the physical closeness of another person. That’s why physical contact with the father is extremely important. This is how another native person appears in the child’s world, who does not look like his mother, who loves him and takes care of him.

In order for a child to obey and understand his father in school and adolescence, it is very important for him to learn to trust his father from birth, to know his breathing, hugs and touches. Therefore, dear dads, in no case will you harm the child by taking the baby in your arms from birth, hugging him and talking to him, but without doing this, you risk a lot of not giving your child.

Also, the father plays a special role in the child’s life, which only a man can fulfill. It is under the influence of the father that the child acquires many qualities, learns to be an independent, responsible and balanced person.

Mother and father represent two opposite poles that create that harmonious balance for the upbringing of a real person. Mama – the magical world of boundless love and care, she gives the baby comfort and warmth, mom will always help, ease the pain. And dad personification of adult reality – he teaches the child to be responsible for his actions, achieve goals, work, cope with his emotions, and at the same time the father loves the child just as much, but this is a different kind of love that helps to form the child’s personality.

What mom needs from dad?

A man does not need to be an ace in childcare and know all the subtleties of female psychology in order to please his wife and the mother of his child, the main thing that a woman needs – this is support and care. This is especially necessary during the period of gestation and after childbirth.

Of course, material care for the family is important, but supplementing it with emotional support – you will make a huge contribution to the well-being of your own family, and you will give your baby a joyful and happy mother who is ready to take care of him with tenderness. «Microclimate» the family depends on both parents, and what kind of world you will give your child – happy, with smiles and care, or dangerous, with tears and quarrels – it’s up to you!

The whole burden of caring for a baby is very difficult to carry on one shoulders, because nothing can be explained to a baby, but it is necessary to constantly satisfy his needs for food, sleep, dryness, and comfortable well-being. Therefore, if the strong shoulder of the husband is always there, then motherhood will not turn into a heavy burden.

Of course, many men believe that washing diapers and cooking – exclusively female territory in which it is better not to interfere. But even in this case, the husband can help his wife a lot by going for a walk with the child, redeeming it on his own, or just 10–20 minutes to vilify him in your arms and talk to him, thereby giving the young mother the opportunity to relax.

But on the other hand, the closeness of communication between a father and a child largely depends on the mood of the mother. In the first months, many men are confused and just afraid touching a child, a woman can gently help her husband to master the basics of behavior with a baby and soon communication with a child will become a habitual and pleasant experience for a man.

How to motivate your husband to care for and walk with your baby?

Step one – this is finding out the reason, refusal to walk with the baby and passive attitude to the process of caring for the baby. It can be a simple fear of hurting the baby or an unwillingness to seem inexperienced and funny. You can find out the reason with the help of frank conversation or neat indirect questions. There are many ways to push your husband to actively communicate with the baby. Perhaps one of these methods will be very effective in your case.

Light ban. Works flawlessly – to make a person want something badly, forbid him to do it. It’s even better than constant direct requests and notations. But only, it is very important not to overdo it. For example, you can jokingly deprive your husband of «driving license» strollers and show clearly what a pleasant process it is. Once on the sidelines, the husband will try to regain leadership and will himself «steer» walking process.

False choice. Very powerful and psychological rules of dialogue. If you don’t want your husband to dismiss your request, just don’t give him that opportunity. Don’t ask: «Can’t you take a walk with your child today?», I want to say «I can not», referring to some very «important» circumstances. It is better to create the illusion of choice, without any pressure, so you show respect for your husband and achieve the desired result. For example, ask a question with two options that both suit you: «are you going for a walk with your son now or after he sleeps?». And the husband is forced to choose one of two – «after sleeping» and then he feels obligated to keep his promises.

How to comfort your baby?

Male calmness and resourcefulness, and also, the sense of humor inherent in many, will help in cases of whims and various everyday troubles.

For example, in the most common difficult situations, while going to bed, mothers can simply come to a dead end, having tried all known methods on a restless baby, and the result is zero. The kid can either cry and not fall asleep, or have fun playing at a time when strength is running out and mom already so wants to rest a little. And dad can defuse the situation, find an unexpected way out, distract the baby, give him the opportunity to relax and fall asleep.

For example, one friend of mine in such a situation, just took an African drum from the shelf and began to play a rhythmic monotonous melody near the crumbs’ bed, naturally the baby’s curiosity got the better of him, he stopped crying, listened and fell asleep, lulled by the melody.

And the other «inventor» lulled his capricious little daughter, rocking in a soft and cozy cradle made of a large scarf and belt. Perhaps the crib at that moment was big and lonely for the baby, and in a cozy cradle she sleeps so sweetly.

What are the subtleties of paternal punishment?

The difficulty of paternal punishment is that the child should not be afraid of the father, even if he is forced to punish him repeatedly. Scared to become a father who causes fear in a child. The authority of the father does not need the use of brute force, the power of violence is temporary and not real. And by intimidating your child, you will deprive him of the opportunity to defend his rights and be an independent person in the future.

Dear dads, do not hesitate to openly love your children, to be for them «unshakable support», a person who will always help, correct and understand! Your newborn babies really need you, they really need you at all stages of growing up and will also be needed by them throughout their life!

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