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The child is the same person as adults, and he can also express his emotions, but if adult people are able to control them, then the kids of the preschool age do not know how to do.

Word «aggression» has Latin roots and translated as «attack, attack». In psychology there are several definitions of aggression, but they all reduce to one, aggression — This motivated destructive behavior aimed at causing pain or harm to another person or object, bring physical damage or psychological discomfort.


The aggressive behavior of children may be due to various factors, among which two main groups are allocated — Domestic and external. TO internal factors Causes of aggressive behavior include various mental and somatic diseases, peculiarities of the nervous system, personal features and character temperament features. TO external factors The social impact includes the impact on the behavior of a child of a specific situation or the environment.

Between the styles of parental education and manifestations of children’s aggression can be traced. Parents who strictly punish their child even for small manifestations of aggression, teach it just well to hide their emotions in their presence, but in any other situation the child will behave very aggressively. But also kids in which parents are distinguished by uncertainty, excessive fasciance and indulgence in relationships, also do not feel sufficiently protected and can become aggressive. The childhood attitude of parents can also lead to the formation of aggressive outbreaks of the child.

Children often use disobedience and aggression in order to attract, And only those parents who find a reasonable compromise in child education can teach their children correctly and effectively cope with aggression.

The aggressive behavior of the child is most often manifested in such situations:

  • When there is a desire to punish the offender or protect yourself;
  • While in the group of their peers, the child seeks to become an authoritative and popular, since communicative skills at this age are not developed enough, then the top over the mind take emotions;
  • The situation in the family is such that to achieve a certain goal, only aggressive methods are resorted;
  • The child has a desire to achieve the desired result in any way.

That is, the aggression of the child is manifested not just so, it is motivated by anything . Most often, this is a reflection of internal discomfort and inability to adequately respond to various events occurring around it.

Very often a child with aggressive behavior hides his feeling of unnecessary and rejection. The indifference and cruelty of the parents instills the faith in him in the fact that he is not needed by anyone, no one loves him, so he is trying to attract their attention to any way accessible to him.

Aggressive child often loses control over himself, swears and argues with adults, refuses to obey the rules, especially annoying others, blames in his mistakes of others, often refuses to do something and angry, he is vertiguely, envious, sensitive and reacts very quickly to annoying of people.

How to help the child

If a child manifests such behavior, he needs the help of parents, educators, psychologists. The main directions in working with such children are working with anger, the skills of control over the emotions and the formation of sympathy and empathy to others.

In order for the child to learn to cope with his anger, you need to teach it splash and express your emotions. With a child who loudly and roughly expresses its emotions, you should establish visual contact, give him the opportunity to speak, finding out with the reason for the aggressive outbreak to eliminate it in the shortest possible time. After that, calmly explain to the child that emotions can be expressed in another form, positive. To achieve positive results, an adult itself should show an example and demonstrate a sample of conscious behavior. Small children copy the behavior of adults, and are trained in examples of relationships with their parents.

There are other ways to express aggression, teach the child carry your emotions on a sheet of paper, That is, just draw what causes such behavior. You can offer a child to resolve a conflict situation on the example of a familiar fairy tale, for example, about two greedy cubs, let him blow fantasizing how to solve the situation without conflict. First, children, as a rule, offer an aggressive way out of the current situation, that is, to strike, scream, select and t.D. It is not worth criticizing the child in this case, just let him think also in the process of discussion, the kid himself is convinced of such an inefficient approach to solving the problem.

With a child must Need to say What aggression and which destructive actions possesses, how non-painful and evil people are becoming in gusts of anger. Often aggressive kids are characterized by muscle clamps, you can teach a child with simple game exercises, which he will have to do if it will feel the desire to cause any harm. It will require multi-day workouts, but the result will consolidate for life.

You can start special Creek or bag for screams, In which the baby can shout if desired, throw out emotions. For children who cannot verbally correctly express their emotions, you can figure out how to transfer aggression on inanimate objects. Let the child throws soft balls, play a movable, sports game, you need to switch it attention and give to spill anger in a game form.

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