And why not quit career


So now also coffee do not drink. Enough. It’s time to look for a new job. Actually, what am I worse than others? Why should be labeled in this office, when with my education and abilities it has long been to engage in interesting work and get a much higher salary. Solution Nazrelo. If you have a coffee maker at work, and you decided that it was time to start a new stage in a career, I propose to commit you «Simultaneous dismissal».

Where to begin

So, you, like me, decided to leave work. Well, if you, as a valuable employee, wants to lure some competitor, offered a salary three times more and paid vacation in the corporate hotel in the Caribbean. If such an employer in your life has not yet happened, then you will have to search for the paths of retreat. For the beginning of the Polystai announcement of work and see how popular your specialty is in demand. It is best to search for vacancies using the Internet. Evaluate the approximate level of salaries, the presence of serious demand on such specialists as you, and once again think about the decision.

We go to the interview.

If you see a few quite decent sentences, you need to try to go to the interview. However, how to do it if at work you have to sit in the morning to night? It all depends on your relationship with the chief. If you are sure that he will understand you (yes, such bosses are found, it is a pity that it is rare), then you can say that you want to find a new job, and for this you need to go a few interviews.

And what to do in the event that for some reason you do not want to tell the boss on their intentions in advance? The easiest way out take leave (next or at your own expense), and dedicate his search for new work. For a week or two, you will probably easily send a resume and visit several employers. At the same time and rest a little.

Several requirements for new work

One of my friend said that if you gathered to dismiss, then the salary in the new work should be at least 1.5 times more. In general, he is right. Even with high performance, excellent skills and good perspective, on the position in which you are approved, to see for at least six months. And therefore the salary during this time is unlikely to increase. Then it is necessary to somehow smooth out the stress from the change of the collective.

In addition, your new work should be interesting, and your responsibilities – significantly expand. This is useful for career growth, and to increase your own self-esteem. You know what is capable of much. Important and subjective factors, for example, how much does your new boss imprait, employees and so on.

How to report your care.

I have no doubt that the proposal for a new job did not make you wait. New horizons open ahead, and even rest on the caribbeans is not far off. One little nuance – Began to quit from the past job. This time, the conversation with the boss is not releasing. Describe him the situation, tell me that I found a job that I have long dreamed of. Do not forget that you still have to work for two weeks so that you can find a replacement, and you managed to convey business.

By the way, treated with understanding to the desire of the Chief, by all means leave you in the same work. For example, you may be a significant increase in the salary (look at this sentence skeptical). But if you decided to quit, it is unlikely that the reason is only in the worst. Most likely, you just do not see here prospects. Therefore, even if you agree, it will delay you in the same place for only a couple of months. Wolne Ptashka want to spin even from the golden cell. And your cell, even with a salary increase, pulls a maximum of bronze.

On the other hand, if the reason for dismissal is in money, then seriously think before go to the chief with a statement about. Maybe you better talk to him on another topic? For example, about what you want to take on more responsibilities and at the same time increase your income…

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