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Anticellulite massage, Combined with spa Procedures, Strengthens the end result. However, it should be noted that the course of such treatment of cellulite in the cabin is very expensive pleasure. Not everyone can afford to hold a full cycle of procedures.

Unfortunately, Many models Massager Have low efficiency. Most of them carry out only One type of massage – this is trituration.

However, new improved means of dealing with this ailment are currently being developed and applied. Now in pharmacies, banks from cellulite of different modifications made from elastic materials appeared. Cellulite banks Great Copy kneading and Skin pulling with hands Professional Masseur. This effect is possible due to a vacuum that creates a bank. Squeezing the elastic walls of the cans, the air leaves it, so the bank is embroidered to the body, creating a vacuum inside. The resulting vacuum draws a small section of the skin, while producing an intensive massage of subcutaneous tissues. Vacuum massage improves Blood supply The body of the body on which the procedure is carried out at the same time Sharply split Subcutaneous granules of fat – Cellulite cause. So-called Orange peel disappears! In addition, thanks to the intensive blood supply to the subcutaneous Fabrics get with blood More oxygen and nutrients. And as a result, the skin condition is improved, it acquires elasticity and healthy view.

Vacuum massage at home has a number of advantages over a massage conducted in the cabin. This is affordable, inexpensive, Not requiring a lot of time I Special training – simple Method of combating cellulite.

To carry out a vacuum massage at home you need:

  • Two cans from cellulite,
  • Massage oil in combination with anti-cellulite cream.

Correctly made massage with cans from cellulite bruises and bruises on the body does not leave.

Method Vacuum massage has its small disadvantages and contraindications. For example, such a massage causes severe skin redness, which over time passes. Depending on the individual painful threshold and the subcutaneous fat layer, vacuum massage can cause tolerant pain Feel. By cons, it is also possible to attribute the inconvenience of massage in some parts of the body. It is difficult to massage Plots of body Under the buttocks, on such irregularities The bank is filled with air and the effect of vacuum is lost. Soviet massage of these zones in a specific posture, for example, putting a foot on the chair.

This Massage Method Has and their own Contraindications. For example, People with predisposition To varicose veins (extended veins) vacuum massage categorically contraindicated!

The effectiveness of combating cellulite depends on several factors:

  • First – on the degree of your cellulite.
  • Second – from professionalism professionals.
  • Third – from a complex approach.
  • Fourth – Additional events.

For example, When running cellulite Application Only cans From cellulite Not enough. To get a long-term and effective result Complex treatment is necessary, And this is only hard to professionals. Therefore, in such cases, refer to the specialists.

At the initial stage With a problem Cellulite is possible Fight and independently. Today practically v each Russian Pharmacy can acquire Anti-cellulite banks. Cellulite cans from glass with suckers and soft silicone or rubber. In the package, as a rule, a couple can and buy them at an affordable price. Next you need select Proper option Anti-cellulite cream For their skin. Real professionals, for more Effect, mix massage oil with anti-cellulite cream. This is done with the goal so that the anti-cellulite cream does not so quickly absorbed the skin and the effect of sliding massage can remained. For a better result, you can recommend massage oil « handmade ».

Often, olive oil of cold spin is used for vacuum massage in its pure form. Also use for massage a mixture of essential and cosmetic oils. Pronounced Anti-cellulite Citrus, Rosemary, Geranium, Carrot Seeds, Black Pepper, Cinnamon and etc. These natural agents can be added to the shower gels. Wonderful effect brings a soul combination with a vacuum massage. Taking a shower, lubricate the problem areas with a mixture of gel with anti-cellulite natural additives and vigorously massaging with a vacuum can. After completion of the procedure, we apply anti-cellulite cream on problem areas.

How to make vacuum massage with banks?

Let’s Pass this Step-by-step process:

  1. First, it is advisable to take a warm shower.
  2. Then, a mixture of massage oil and an anti-cellulite cream, lubricate the problem zone.
  3. Squeezing the can from cellulite, leaning it to the skin area, when the edges were tightly sucking, and the skin was drawn up, let go of the walls of the can and start leisurely to drive by the body.
  4. Massage straight and spiral movements.
  5. So that the bank does not raise from the body you need to abundantly lubricate the skin with cream.

Massage for 15 minutes every leg of this time is quite enough. After properly spent vacuum massage, the problem areas are blushing and starting what is called «burn». Do not frighten – This is a normal reaction, vacuum massage enhances blood circulation!

Do not abuse the frequency of vacuum massage. Enough Repeat procedures in one day. Course duration directly depends from degree Your his Cellulite. On average, the course of vacuum massage can last up to two months.

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