Dream At home I catch a pike under the sofa. Interpretation of sleep At home I catch a pike under the sofa for free online

In a dream I am at home. As in childhood – the composition of the family, neighbors, environment. My childhood was spent in Naberezhnye Chelny, in a small family. So I dreamed about it.

It turned out that there is a pike under the sofa. Large, slightly less than a meter. I saw her jumping out against the wall behind the couch. I wanted to catch her with my hands, but she was hiding under the sofa. I knew that she could move not only under the sofa, but also under the carpet, and in the corridor under the baseboard. As if the apartment is filled with water under the carpet and sofa, under the floor. But there is no dampness and discomfort. It seems self-evident. But at the same time, there is some surprise. Apparently, I have the consciousness and memory of a child in a dream. It’s me, but small. May teen. I can’t see myself. Or maybe five years. Probably five to fifteen. There are a lot of details in a dream. I see fish clearly and in color, sofa, wallpaper, linoleum, carpet, wardrobe. It seems like there is a father at home. I do not see him, but I know that he does not mind if I catch a pike, but he himself does not show much enthusiasm. There is a neighbor – Uncle Gena. He is in the kitchen. In the corridor, someone at home, seeing long half-meter wood lice / centipedes / snakes / worms (this insect had almost no repulsive appearance), quickly trampled them. Feeling that there are many animals under the floor. And some climb out, although they weren’t there before.

Between the plates of linnolium in the corridor, a small beautiful, yellow rainbow aquarium fish flashes. The thought flashes that she is good for bait. I don’t remember if I tried to catch her with my hands, or just thought that it would be difficult to catch her with my hands. Neighbor, Uncle Gena helps me. He catches it in the palm of his hand and gives it to me. I put the fish on the hook. I remember well how I thought about how to plant it? For some reason, I pierced her lip with a hook, and did not plant the whole. With this bait and rod, I went to fish for pike. Further, it seems like I began to wake up. I don’t remember how it ended. But I definitely didn’t catch her. Although I wanted.

Emotions during sleep were pleasant. There was no fear. There were concerns that the pike might scratch or bite.

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