Dream Attack of Demons. Dream Interpretation Demon Attack Free Online

Perhaps I’ll start from the middle of sleep, as I think the beginning is not very interesting.

I left the hotel, somehow strangely covered with a towel, what is, what is not. I look around and find myself in the park. The park is small, like an alley. It can be seen that there are buildings behind the park, the road can be seen. And now the policemen appear on the road. I begin to frantically wonder where to go, after all, I’m in one towel. I look around, and I understand that from all sides there are only people in uniform. I don’t know how I found a loophole, but when I got away I ended up in another park, where there was a pond. Small but very beautiful.

I look into it and seem to see myself. I like the place where I am so much that I enter the water and start flying over it. Then I understand that I am aware of myself. I go high, high, I see mountains, greenery, Green hills all around. And I’m flying – it’s fine. But I understand that I need to go down and go down in some dark alley. Awareness is slowly leaving me. Among all the junk on the street, I see a computer desk. Everything is on it as it should be – monitor, system unit, keyboard, etc. D. I sit down and start doing something in it. Suddenly, a guy comes up to me and asks me to use a computer, to which I answer him something like – it hangs up or I’m repairing it.

In general, come back later. He’s leaving. I get up and walk down the driveway. I wrap it up and see this picture. The guy (almost a bum looks) sits on a chair. A normal-looking girl comes up to him and says – I brought you here. He abruptly cuts it off and tilts it towards him * I pass by, and I find myself in an even more deaf place. ** Fast running through this place. I go further. I find myself in an alley where all rubbish is piled up. Some kind of flasks, balls, tubes. As if someone was experimenting in a heap of garbage. And then I remember that I need to return. But how? I didn’t really want to go back the same way. The thought comes to mind to fly over this. I push off one beam, reach out with my hand to another. I need to feel the density of the air under my feet.

Again I reach for the upper beam and feel that right now I will crash down. The edge of the board cuts into my hand, but I won’t let go. After several efforts, I still manage to take off and I joyfully begin to fly over the alley. But it’s getting very dark here. And my fifth point is that there is danger somewhere nearby. And so it goes. A few seconds later, like me, one of those who was lying in the alley flies out of the darkness. He is wearing dark clothes and a rather brutal grin. He throws his hand back, as if collecting something in his palm and throws a fireball at me. I dodge. Realizing that you need to do something. In desperation I say (I don’t know why) Demons, help! And I feel a surge of strength.

Like my enemy, I stretch out my hand and watch a bluish-blue ball sparkle on it. I throw it. And the demon or whoever it was disappears. Two more appear behind him. With Temi, I also manage in no time. But then the last one comes out. I throw a ball at him, but I’ll drum it for him. Then I fold my hands in front of me and almost bring them together. I get a big ball. I throw it at the leader and he disappears with a crash. At the same time, a guy flies past my face (who asked to use the computer), I grab him by the collar and, like a superman, I lower him to the ground. On this I wake up.

* Like I don’t need what you brought there, come on give me a blowjob. The girl does not resist.

** Naked and half-naked bodies are lying around. There was an orgy. Young men and women lie here and there.

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