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For some reason, at the institute I pass an exam in literature, I read poetry with expression, this moves the examiners to tears. And in my head there is a thought – what an exam, how old are you.

Then they tell me that now there will be a lecture of some professor, but the hall is packed, and I climb into some attic, and there already crammed – 4 people are reclining, and there is not enough space and the window to the lecture hall is small.

I think – why do I need all this? I’m getting stuffy. I get off from there.

Online interpretation of sleep Attic

I would like to recommend you to read the article – excerpts from books on recapitulation, which I recommended to you in the previous interpretation:

http: // www. Sunhome. Ru / magic / 15947

As for repentance on this issue, in the Church Slavonic Psalter there is always a method of repentance before going to bed, which is similar to recapitulation and performs the same function, but only in the Orthodox worldview. I will retell it in my own words:

Before going to bed, when you went to bed, pray in your own words. And then remember from the very morning all your actions. How did you wake up, get up, go to the toilet, have breakfast, etc. D. Until the evening. Well, at least try to remember. And when remembering, when emotions will roll over (and you need to remember vividly, as in reality) – for all your good deeds, thank God, who gave the Force! And for everything that is not very good, and not even good – ask God for forgiveness and forgiveness of sins. I assure you that this is the Sacrament of Penance being performed, although there is no priest next to you. The Sacrament of Penance is not associated with a visible image. This is a conversation of the Soul with God. And the priest is only a mediator, he may not be, the Sacrament is still fulfilled in full.

So I recommend this way to remember your student years. You can also apply the technique by the link. Result one will be. But with practice, you will soon understand how your life has been simplified, and problems go away.

All this will greatly help you to clear your clogged "attic" from unnecessary trash, and just start enjoying life)))

Online interpretation of sleep Attic

When dreaming about school or student years, this usually indicates some dissatisfaction with the past. Often these are the remaining energy bindings, unresolved karmic debts from those times. It is recommended, through repentance or recapitulation by the method of Carlos Castaneda, to recall in detail the good and bad events of those times in detail, to emotionally relive them. Give away all the negative energy, take back your lost energy. Thank God for all the good things that happened and ask for forgiveness for all negative actions.

The attic is your brain. Overcrowded by people – a large number of mental dialogues. The window is small that it is already difficult for the brain to cope with such a large flow of unnecessary information. So "professors" it’s hard to take another. Your soul is naturally stuffy in this situation, because it cannot break through this uncontrolled stream of thoughts coming from outside.

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