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I’m walking around a familiar neighborhood with my sister. We go to grocery stores, talk about common topics and laugh. When we come to the crossroads, my sister leaves in the same direction, and I turn to the right and see my good acquaintance, with whom I have not spoken for a long time.

I run up to him and start a conversation with him. We approach the company of our mutual acquaintances and we all talk.

After a while, two bald men, whom we do not know, come up to us, and one of them takes me by the legs and begins to drag me along the ground.

Everybody tries to save me, but they fail. I am dragged into some destroyed building, where they are dragged along the floor, I hit my head on the stairs and railings. One of my acquaintances is still running after us, and when he is already very close and begins to save me, they kill him, and I wake up from my own scream.

Online interpretation of sleep Bald man

The dream is very simple, in front of which the Dreamer thought about her Feelings (Heart-to-heart communication with a friend – and in a dream) and about the realities of Life (bald Men without explanation grab, forcibly drag along the ground, the Dreamer’s suffering, the destroyed Building), which does not fit between herself in Her understanding (the saving Friend was killed by bald Men).

Sleep can mean a choice between inner Desires and the Necessity dictated by life, or the search for your own Sense of life.

Online interpretation of sleep Bald man

Sleep is a warning about life-threatening situations, the environment makes you worry, worry, fear real and far-fetched troubles.

You should be wary of bad company, where a situation of sexual harassment is likely.

Online interpretation of sleep Bald man

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If you are a Muslim, we read suras and ayats, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falyak An-Nas, Ayatul-Kursi, the end of Al-Bakar’s surah, from the Holy Quran, which you can find in the book sections "House of Sun".

If you are Orthodox, our Father, you should know by mouth. Psalm 90, the strongest protective prayer from the intrigues of the enemy of the human race, it is in the common people – Alive in the help of the Vyshnyago. Prayer to Seraphim of Sarov, prayer to the great martyr Cyprian, it is long, but read it at least once, slowly, out loud, at home. Prayer of Pansophius of Athos himself.

Why is it so accurate – as a rule, (demons) in dreams are either not visible but tangible, or poorly visible, or specifically you see them, (the standard image of a bald devil), they are not shaggy and not with horns, they are modern. It’s bad that they are visible to you, because they are too close. As a rule, in dreams, they take only by the legs, or swing and can in a low, quiet, rough voice whisper, say something, absolutely in any language and at the same time, in horror, the person will understand it, or, worse, already dragged by the legs somewhere.

Milena, take this seriously, at least before bedtime, read one of the above prayers, every evening.

Prayers, yes I think they are on the Internet, you can find. Also see on the website "House of Sun".

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