Dream Basement. Interpretation of sleep Basement free online


We are in some basement, I am my former classmate, whom I have not seen for a very long time and a girl I know, but not close. So in this felling they forge, or rather forge, hammers! And these are some kind of oppositionists, and we joined them. It was very stuffy, hot and you could not hear anything. We climbed up some stairs and it became cool and my boyfriend came up. Then I don’t remember anything. Perhaps this is where the dream ended. But in a dream I rather felt joy, I had fun, like my companions.

A very strange dream. You will not find this in dream books.

Online interpretation of sleep Basement

From the point of view of psychology. Here we can talk about the fact that the dreamer’s consciousness is in opposition to her own subconscious. The dreamer’s life is most likely overly filled with all sorts of events that interfere with her personal growth, behind the tinsel and a kaleidoscope of active life, forgetting what is important, close and desirable to her in reality. And the soul of the dreamer is ready to rebel. She threatens the dreamer with a nervous breakdown. Indirectly, the situation is connected with a love relationship, since the image of a young man in a dream was seriously repressed and censored.

Perhaps the wrong person is next to the dreamer, which she needs, but she is afraid, not ready to admit and accept it. Most likely this is the reason for the dream and internal conflict, when the voice of rational consciousness drowns out the whisper of the heart.

"Only at night, when the voice of consciousness is silent, can you hear the whisper of your Soul" (c) copyright, it was said a long time ago =)

Online interpretation of sleep Basement

early marriage. And also maybe you are waiting for news from these two girls with whom you were in a dream. All the best! Good luck!

Online interpretation of sleep Basement

On a subconscious level, you have joined the Spiritual opposition 🙂 and are happy about it. (Not surprising, because you are now on the esoteric portal) 🙂 this will raise your Soul from the depths of the subconscious, to the understanding of Unconditional Love which

as long as you can perceive as human, conditioned by your feelings for your boyfriend.

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