Dream Bathroom with fry and fish. Sleep interpretation Bathroom with fry and fish free online

I had a very strange dream. My husband and I made love, then he went to the bathroom. After a while, I also went to him. Going into the bath, I see that he washes with a basin, I start to water him from the ladle that is next to. Soapy water in a basin. My husband drags me into the bath (all this happens with kisses, pleasant emotions, etc.). Shower water is on, but it does not flow well. And then I notice that at the bottom of the bath the water is the color of a pond (as if a little rusty) and fry swim there. I begin to worry and tell my husband that it is not good to wash in such water (I have a feeling of anxiety and indignation, but they are not negative, rather like curiosity), the husband leaves the bath and goes to the opposite side of the room, where there is another large, but square and like a metal bath, he starts filling It with water from the tap, and we ourselves get washed with water from the bath, which he fills.

I start to say, that you first need to wash the metal bath, and then fill it, and I also leave the bath in which we were standing, and I continue to insist that it is impossible to wash like this, the water is not clean, there are fry in it. I start to show them to him in a metal bath, where I also notice algae and fish! Such beautiful ones swim in flocks, like in a store and there are a lot of them, all are beautiful tropical for some reason) and I’m already talking to him about the fish, they say, look here there are already fish! (the metal bath gradually becomes higher and turns out to be like an aquarium and everything is very beautiful inside) And the husband answers, well, you need to feed the fish. Go and say, bring them food.. I start to think frantically what to feed them, there is no fish food, I think to feed them with bread.

I turn to go to the kitchen and notice the third bath. She stands in the middle of the room, between the bathroom in which we washed and the metal one, and this whole bath is filled with water with fry. And next to the door, a fish hovers in the air (in my opinion there were several 2-3) and one is beautiful, medium-sized, with elongated long upper fins, and the color is black, white and red-red. I think, how strange, I looked at her attentively and start to leave the room, and she followed me, but the fish starts to lose height and dives straight in the corridor to the floor (it flies over my head. I had to sit down so that she would not cut into me and hurt herself, for some reason I was very worried about it). I was very scared for her and ran back to the bathroom for my husband and on the way I grab a small cardboard, together we run back to the fish.

For some reason, there were 2 of our small dogs nearby, they did not attack, one slept belly up, the second carefully watched what my husband and I were doing. I start to drive away the dogs and all the way I am very afraid that they will accidentally crush the fish. (some kind of confusion has learned and the heap is small) At the same time, the fish lies calmly, for some reason it begins to lose color (as if dries up), but I know for sure that it is alive. Having driven away the dogs, my husband begins to lift Her with his hands and puts it on the cardboard that I have in my hands, I almost dropped the cardboard out of excitement and surprise when the fish jumped on it. I gave the fish on a cardboard to my husband and he carried her back to the bathroom and then I woke up with excitement. (more precisely, my husband woke me up, TK. I started to open and scream in a dream)

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