Dream Bears, one shoe, dry snow. Sleep Interpretation Bears, one shoe, dry snow free online

First, I dream that I am climbing with one shoe on my foot and with the second in my hand along the stairs of three steps, then I look at the heels, or rather at the heels, they were already worn, then I put on the second shoe (these were my shoes from real life, patent beige pumps) and look what do I put on rough socks. I was not cramped in them. And as always. So I went up to a cafe to my friends who are already married and with children and something there talked to them. Then I dream that I’m not alone on the street, but I don’t remember who else was there with me. I looked the cop came up to me and gave me my note and had a date on it. Remembered only the year 2013. Something else wrote there. But I was surprised that this cop remembered me 4 years ago and decided to return my note. Then I dream that from the summer weather we arrived on a cart on a hike to the territory that was covered with snow. The snow was clean and when I picked it up, it was dry, like flour. Then on this winter territory there was a wall through which my dad and my neighbor had to climb. Well, they got out and I kind of got out too and through the top of the wall watched a brown witch swaying near a tree. And then a little cartoon witch appears and begins to have a sexually large. That’s how it ended. Please explain

. Really needed. thanks.

Online interpretation of sleep Bears, one shoe, dry snow

One Shoe, going up, rough Socks (as always) – shows the fear of losing femininity and attractiveness, the Dreamer’s desire to overcome her female loneliness and go out into the light with the chosen one.

Climbing up in the Cafe to married Friends – symbolize the social / landmarks of the Dreamer, the influence of the environment on the Dreamer’s lifestyle (the Dreamer talks about something in a dream with married girlfriends – in reality, friends have nothing to talk about with a lonely Dreamer, little in common).

Arriving by car from summer to winter means a whole "WHO" various problems associated with unreal and unrealized feelings and emotions of the Dreamer.

The fence, Dad and the neighbor, the big Bear and the cartoon Bear – symbolize the internal barriers and the stagnant state of the Dreamer, which prevents the revitalization of her Personal life (no need to swing and wait for something Unreal that will come to you – the cartoon bear has a big and recumbent Bear).

Something tells me that the dreamer in reality is somehow influenced by her father or the example / authority of her father, but to live on and on her own to the dreamer.

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