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Hello, please help with the interpretation of sleep. It is very important for me. I can’t understand the meaning of this dream. I dreamed of my real beloved friend who lives in New Zealand and who is very dear to me and I love him, but I have not written him messages for a long time because I promised not to bother much. " I dreamed that I met a relative whom I had not seen for a long time. And I told her that I have a beloved friend who lives in New Zealand. And told her his name and surname and showed his photo. And then my relative tells me that she has been looking for and loves my beloved friend for a long time. I was very surprised by this. And then my relative asks me to find him or his phone number. At first I refused, but then I agreed to find my beloved friend. And I went to some dorm where he seemed to be living. But I did not find my beloved friend and I asked some guy for his phone number and wrote down his number on a piece of paper. I memorized some numbers. Then I left the hostel where a relative was waiting for me. And we went down the road. And then I see a car that is going fast along the road. And I look in the car window and I see my beloved friend. And then the car stops and my beloved friend really gets out of the car. He approaches my relative and she confesses her love to him and says that she wants to live with him. And then I see that they are kissing and I feel an unpleasant sensation. But then I realize that I am without makeup and try to turn away from him and cover my face with a hat so that my beloved friend does not see me like this.

Then I hear the phone ring. And I answer the call and hear the voice of my friend’s mom (in reality, I don’t know her). I tell a relative to talk to her. But my relative does not speak English and asks me to talk to his mother. But I refuse and I hear that his mother began to speak Russian. His mother began to ask my relative to take him to her place and help him.

Since his friends have a bad influence on him. And then he agrees to live with my relative. And it shocks me and I remember his words that he said to me a long time ago: that there is a big age difference between us. And mentally I say to myself: but she is several years older than me"

Online interpretation of sleep Favorite friend

The dream reflected the Feelings of the Dreamer from all sides, their incompleteness and social / insecurity.

The dreamer should think about her Feelings – are they real, and whether they correspond to the ideas and expectations of the one distant from her (for all factors!) Partner.

For Love to be mutual and real, you need a Conformity, which does not exist yet.

I wish good luck to the beautiful Dreamer in the form of a solid Life support (the power of Reason, embodied in mat / possibilities) and she already has Love in her Soul.

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