Dream Betrayal. Sleep Interpretation Betrayal Free Online

First, at home with a girl, I talk about something important and then I find out that there is no more money on my credit card at all. Just disappeared. We go with her to the subway and there are hundreds of people on the rails and everyone is being run over by the train. At the same time, they do not die, but scream and ask for help. And the rails zigzag rather than go straight. Then I realize that my girlfriend betrayed me and stole all my money. I take her somewhere, but I don’t remember where.

Then I find myself in a theater that swims across to the audience. I see my good friend and feel that I have to follow him. Many corridors and steps. Then I see his back and how he runs away. Bumping into a corpse hanging from the wall. I run after a friend to catch him thinking that he is a killer. Then I catch up with him and take him down. He calls someone and someone from behind tells me: don’t be afraid, his call won’t change anything. I take his armpit like a ladder and walk down the audience tables while telling the lecturer "shut up" then I explain to everyone that he is a murderer and that he is needed in prison.

Then I leave the audience with some man saying: I was terribly afraid. (don’t remember further) " and across the road I see a boy from my school who is running away with his three brothers and for some reason I feel that he is also a murderer.

Online interpretation of sleep Betrayal

Wai-wai, what a rich dream.

Reflects your emotional problems and difficulties with trust. Moreover, both women and men. Perhaps the other day there was something insignificant related to money, but what stirred up these difficulties and served as a trigger for sleep. It is possible that money plays a significant role for you in your own self-esteem as a man, gives a feeling of control over life.

In a relationship with a girl, there is a hidden crisis, during which you feel that you have lost control over the relationship, because. TO. You do not understand her motives for behavior and are afraid that she is able to behave as she pleases, without letting you into her plans and desires. You tend to call it so that she is using you materially, but at the same time, this is not an accurate definition. Calling her that will only make matters worse.

In relationships with friends (a given friend as a representative), you tend to blindly trust and at the same time strive to dominate.

It’s a pity that you didn’t remember the end of the phrase – I think that it had a lot of meaning.

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