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A few months ago I had two dreams. One of them is prophetic.

I dreamed that my soulmate was next to me, but I realized in a dream that I had never met him before. He came up to me in a dream, hugged me, and put a beautiful bracelet on his left hand, with the words: Honey, this is not a real bracelet, but I want you to always have it, this is my gift to you. Took my hand and we went together. I was very happy just because HE IS NEARBY!. Examined the bracelet. It was golden, unusually beautiful, made of plates connected to each other. With beautiful white crystal stones. But they were all slightly worn out, t. TO. Were not real. But then, with surprise, I discovered that on the other side, which no one had seen, there was an element with unusually large beautiful stones.

– Why are these stones so beautiful?

– But why are they in a fake bracelet, on the back side that no one sees?

– Because only you and me know about it.

I was at a very beautiful wedding. Everyone around was happy, and suddenly I realized that I was a bride and everyone congratulated me, they say that they are unusually happy, that this is extraordinary luck, everyone is happy, laughing. Then the groom’s mother comes up to me, but I have never seen or met her before! She kisses me. She says that I did a lot for her, and she really wants us (me and the groom) to be together. Then the groom appears, and I understand that I do not know him! I have never seen him. He says how much he loves me. And I understand that I cannot go for him, t. TO. I don’t know him, I cannot marry a stranger, I cannot take such responsibility. And when I tell him that I don’t know him, and therefore I cannot go, his mom and he are shocked. They wonder how I don’t know them and don’t remember. The groom says:

– Sweetheart, don’t you remember everything that happened between us? Do you remember! We are made for each other, we love each other. Look how happy everyone is that we are together. Trust me I will make you happy. You will be happier than ever. Promise.

The same is said by his mother, his friends, that I must remember something, that I cannot remember in any way!

Then the groom says: Honey, trust me, let’s get married, you will not regret it, everyone has already gathered, and then you will remember everything, and I will prove to you. I agree. He takes my hand and says: only first you have to pass a small test, it’s like a tradition. We come to a beautiful coast, a wedding by the sea, and a small bridge of logs will rise from the coast into the sea. It goes in a semicircle, its two ends abut against the shore. And we must go to each other from different ends and meet in the middle of the bridge. But I realize I’m losing my balance and I cannot make it to the middle. I tell him about it. He comes to my edge, takes my hand, enters the water himself, but helps to cross the bridge, the wedding begins and I wake up.

Two weeks later, a friend with a friend comes to my country, we met through the Internet, he really wanted to visit our country with a friend and I made visas for them. The first day, we just sat in the kitchen with mutual friends and drank to a meeting, and on the second day we went with a company to the club. His friend did not take his eyes off me all evening, he is very taciturn, serious in himself, and then he said that I was very good, that no one had ever done as much for him as I did, and he appreciates it. We were dancing, and suddenly I felt him putting a BRACELET on my LEFT HAND! It was golden, made of plates, only without stones. TO. Was male. And he says: This bracelet is worth nothing, but it means a lot to me. I want you to have it. Then he drank too much, constantly held my hand, and said that I was his future wife, that he loved me! I couldn’t believe it. I told him how you can say such things, we do not know each other, this cannot be. And he replied that something I do not understand.

He left, and I still don’t understand what happened. How are these dreams related?. I feel that I love him, just from the first minute. But he disappeared from my life, and I don’t know if we’ll see you, in half a year, or a year. Did these dreams mean nothing.

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