Dream Bicycle, water and building under construction. The interpretation of sleep Bicycle, water and a building under construction

This dream was dreamed on the night of 12/13 August, or rather even 13. It turns out from Wednesday to Thursday. I do not remember where exactly the dream begins, but the memory remains that I am riding a bicycle.. Despite the fact that I haven’t skated on it for a very long time, probably already 5 years, and I have great pleasure in this matter.

Driving fast down the street, but easy, no effort. And then an unfamiliar girl catches up with me, also on a bicycle. She says that I skate very well, even overtook her and invites me to participate in some kind of competition. We are leaving to discuss the details in some place. From this place, a beautiful view of the sunset opened up.

It was exactly a beautiful, sunny, yellow-orange sunset, from which it was warm. On the right was a tall, unfinished brick house without window frames, but it did not look fetid, but also somehow kind, probably because next to this house there was a huge rectangular pool with the most beautiful pure blue water. And so we walked right in front of the pool, but not near it, but a little further. The essence of the competition was that it was necessary to hold out in balance on a bicycle, standing still and performing some actions with my hands (which I don’t remember exactly).

Then after that, somehow we find ourselves in this unfinished building. There are already more than two of us. And we have a list of people who are also in this building and who need to be neutralized. At the same time, there was no fear, no anger and hatred. It was more like some kind of game. And our company did it. We have two people left to neutralize.

I find myself in the bathtub of one of the apartments in this house. And some man (man) goes straight to me. I am hiding behind the door, sitting on the bathtub, but he notices me and then I pretend to be dead, my back bent over the bathtub and my head rested against the wall. When a person noticed me, he turned on the water in the tap so that it dripped on my head and I felt its cool.

And then a completely incomprehensible episode with the girl, the last one to be killed. She was lying on the kitchen floor with a wooden kitchen set behind her. Light brown shade. The impression was that I shot her in the hands, but she did not resist and there were no traces of wound and blood. Then I kissed her on the lips and said that she would still have to be killed. With this the dream ended. But again, there was no unpleasant sensation. And I still remember the episode.. I do not know before this dream he was or after, but such a situation.

Railroad track. He walked at a steep angle of about 45 degrees. Then again, a straight road about 100 meters and then a bridge across the river. When the train went down the slope, no embankment could be seen below, as if it had fallen in the air. So I was traveling in this train and I remember that I did not see the support, the ground, on which the path was supposed to be. The slope was so narrow. Well, and a strange sensation from the height..

I really hope that you will help to understand these dreams. For some reason, they were bright and memorable.

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