Dream Big Book, trip to Germany, excuses. Dream interpretation Big book, trip to germany,

I see a large book, its pages are larger than human growth. The Oracle explains what is written on them. At the beginning I do not understand at all what is written in the book. But the more the oracle says (while I don’t hear the words at all), the more clearly I begin to see (and not read, but see in the book itself).

The Oracle lingers on one page more than others. She says that she sees a very young soul on her, which is not more than one and a half years old (for some reason I know that the age of a soul is measured differently than human age, and that a one and a half year old soul is at least several human lives, and that it is very and very little).

Then the oracle says that this is a female soul, butterflies flutter in it. I clearly see a marvelous garden, greenery, butterflies and birds fluttering there, it’s bewitchingly beautiful. The Oracle is coming closer and closer to me, she is convinced that this is my soul on this page. For some reason, it seems to me that my page was before. And either I’m wrong, or this is a page with a description of my soul in the future (and I am even younger now), or this is my page. I want to ask the oracle about it, but I cannot. I suddenly realize that this is a dream and that in order for it to go according to my scenario, I need to feel myself inside a dream and ask questions, but I do not have enough strength. I see close-close the face of the oracle, everyone in the audience knows that she means me. I see the pages of a book with a fairy garden-forest, a woman’s face appears against the background of the forest. I understand that this is my soul (if the oracle was not mistaken). The female profile has short black hair (I have long and lighter hair, I notice it in a dream), snow-white skin and very expressive eyes. She’s beautiful.

Big Book, a trip to Germany otmazy. Part 2

I see different people who justify themselves in different ways as to why they cannot or do not want to go to Germany. I think that I need to listen to them in order to get reasons for myself, because I want to go, but I need to be able to convincingly say that I do not want to.

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