Dream Big wolf came to me in the hut and gave me a gift. Dream interpretation The big wolf came to me in

Hello, I cannot understand and find the interpretation of my dream, I hope you will help me. At night in a hut or shack, I do not remember the attendant circumstances, a huge gray wolf approached me, next to him there was one less. They were calm and did not wish me ill, as it seemed to me, they were kind to me. Perhaps there were people in the background, but very vague, rather not even. The big wolf told me something, as I remember, most likely, he wanted to help.

When he finished speaking, he touched me, perhaps with his nose or head, and gave me what seemed to me a gift – there was a strong feeling in the chest area, I had never experienced this in my life, as if I experienced all possible strong and positive feelings at once. At that moment, I could understand and be aware of some things that are not subject to ordinary understanding. Perhaps something close to the third eye, but different. Some unknown quintessence of understanding everything, but it came from the chest in the form of a ball. For some time I was renounced from what was happening in that hut, as it seemed to me a few seconds passed, having finished exploring this incredible feeling in myself, I opened my eyes and, as I recall, asked to give me more of this "strength" for which, as I remember, he said that for now it was enough and left. What he gave he left in me. And initially he wanted to give it to me. I would like to note that I am professionally engaged in unpopular sports, traveled a lot around the world, lived in other countries for a long time and did not even experience anything close to this. Now I am rehabilitating after a small knee surgery and spend a lot of time in my apartment, at home. Perhaps this feeling is similar to when in the church you feel the so-called grace or euphoria, whether it be communion or during prayers, but what I felt was hundreds of times stronger and somehow more meaningful. There is no way to describe it. I don’t often look into a dream book and write to you for the first time. But that feeling. I don’t know what it could be. If you have any suggestions, please explain. If you need to add something, please contact. Thank you in advance.

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