Dream Black-haired girl. Interpretation of sleep Black-haired girl free online

But then, suddenly there was, and most likely there was magic. In a dream, as in ordinary life, we did not believe in it and knew that this did not happen.. But then she appeared. We were shocked. I was the first to notice her. I looked out the window, and then magic flies out the window. Some bright specks appear on the street. Magic ball. Everything was so bright.. And you can’t figure it out. And this magic flies to our closed window, trying to get into our house.. But she just hit the window. Then someone invisible. (as if) someone. Conjures some magical little monster, he starts to dance.. And all this happened when I looked out the window.

And my mom, stepfather. Sat on the couch. Near the window. Then my mom noticed that it was really some kind of magic.. She, too, was already surprised, as well as her stepfather.

And then somehow everything quickly happened, some kind of black-haired girl with long hair and bangs.. Seemingly beautiful. And a little bit frightening made its way into our house. Like a spirit – or a ghost of some kind.. We saw her in places.. She will disappear somewhere, then she will appear. My family and I called her – creature. I sat down next to a stone in the street.. With someone. And I decided to look on the phone via the Internet.. Google who is this.. What a girl.. And this girl sat down next to me and said.. Something like that. Look.. Look. " And they said. That this some kind of Daria Nord. -is it not clear. I do not remember.. But the name was Daria.

We knew it was a horror story. Made her way to our house.. To destroy children, my little brother. And me, perhaps, as I, too, a child still.. Mom told me too, she found on the Internet.. And showed me. And suddenly, I took my brother who is soon 3 years old. On hands.. And his neck was twisted. And he was crying, and I asked my stepfather (his father) to straighten his neck, or something. He did it.. Oh Lord, and then we immediately guessed that it was the one.. Black-haired girl did it how she came to destroy children. My mother immediately told me to go with my brother to my grandmother so that she would not touch us. And the girl seemed to be like a ghost or a spirit.. A little like a doll. Beautiful.. With a bang.. Hair black — black.. And she herself frightened us by the fact that she could kill us.

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