Dream Black lion caressed. Interpretation of sleep Black lion fondled free online

I’m in some kind of tribe, but "modern" and friendly, somewhere closer to our latitudes. They have some kind of holiday, we sit down to watch a show performance, I don’t know and they don’t really explain to me, only a woman (from this tribe) next to me says that we must be careful, but not be afraid. I sit in a row with the leaders of the tribe, in at least one of several (I think there were 3 or 4) chairs in the center, and around people stand or sit on simple chairs and benches (like in an amphitheater), I know that my mom and sister are sitting there too.

A bit scary, but at the same time very interesting, and I don’t want to leave the central seats. Suddenly black appears. It seemed to me at first that it was a bear, but it turned out to be a lion. He walks right at me – handsome, huge, strong, majestic. Its none of "security guards", those who follow him, does not stop, of course, he comes up to me, t.To. I am a stranger in their tribe and the lion does not know me yet. I’m a little scared, I don’t know what to do, I think it is worth looking into his eyes or not. Silence, everyone froze. Leo evaluates me for a short time and bumps into my hand, but does not get angry, does not bite. I look at the woman next to me and ask what I should do, should I look into his eyes or not (I don’t know how the lion will react to this, but internally I understand that I need to look directly into his eyes, and in fact this is already doing). A woman with uncertainty says that it is possible. Leo begins to caress me, lick, I stroke his forehead and feel a sense of pride, admiration! The tribal leaders are surprised and exclaim that the lion liked me, "she is a kind person! With no evil intentions! " The lion is taken away from me, and he lies down next to one of the leaders. Only now he is already an ordinary (not black, but red) lion.

I want my mother and sister to sit down with us, t.To. They obviously do not see what is happening there. I’m going to approach them, but some kind of fuss begins, and the woman says that we are sitting in an unprotected place and what will happen next is not clear. With these words I wake up.

What would this dream mean? Too obvious a picture with a black lion caressing me!

Ps. By the way, according to the horoscope I myself am Leo and I am very anxious about these predators.

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