Dream Black Pelican and Talking Raven, Their Threat. Dream interpretation Black pelican and talking raven,

I and my family (husband and his mother) are at the dacha. It should feel like March, but nature looks like the end of May – the beginning of June, everything is blooming, fragrant, butterflies are flying. Warm scattered sun fills the air. The atmosphere of sleep is warm, joyful and light (usually I rarely see such dreams in terms of atmosphere and I rest very well in them – I have time to rejoice in this in a dream) . I go to the end of the plot, where the border with the neighbors. There, for some reason, tomatoes grow with almost ripe yellow large fruits (I’m surprised – it’s spring, but I perceive it as a pleasant encouragement of the results of labor) . I turn my head slightly to the side, there are some light flowers growing in a bush and they are pollinated by a bumblebee. I am surprised at the size and appearance of a bumblebee – at least 10 cm, it seems to consist of two carcasses connected by a thin part of the body (like some wasps), small (3 centimeters by 3) bumblebees are based on the back of 3-6 pieces, according to perception. Bumblebee is regarded by me as something positive, like, it’s a bumblebee uterus. Here I am distracted by my left leg. There, forgive me, I find a small pimple on my thigh – an abscess with a match head. I decide to squeeze out, the pus comes out at least on the cork from the bottle and, somehow, an open wound remains – the meat literally, like the skin was removed from the floor of the leg, in some places the leg is missing almost to the bone, there is no pain, the meat is clean. I am a little worried, but I decide, since the pus has been removed, then everything is in order, it will overgrow. I continue to watch the bumblebee, I am moved by it. He flies to the adjacent area (for some reason there is no fence), there are also bushes of some flowers. Here the bumblebee is swallowed by the beak of a black pelican. I mentally only have time to regret a little for the bumblebee. The focus of sleep shifts to a black pelican (it feels like he’s talking, but I don’t remember what he would say to me, spread his wings and walk towards me), on whose head sits a black talking raven. Birds are hostile to me. The pelican begins to walk (the birds do not take off, they chase along the ground) in my direction, and the raven is broadcasting something to me (I don’t remember the words, but they are perceived either as "we are after you / you are next", in my dream they are regarded as a danger – a sign death and I, taking advantage of the slowness of the pelican, run to the house to tell my husband. He says it’s really bad and I need to run away. And his mother says that there is only one way out – to pray. My thoughts move on to the fact that I can’t pray for myself and I need to call my aunt (my father’s sister, at the moment, after her father’s death, she is the eldest in the family and only she can succeed – these are exactly thoughts in a dream) . The dream turns into a gray, dirty road from half-melted snow, along which I run away in search of a way out or salvation, then I wake up.

Sleep from Saturday to Sunday. S 16. 01. 2016 at 17. 01. The dream for me is strange in that it all consists of sequential symbols and a conscious feeling that this is precisely an event sequence. Brighter than usual and with a feeling that is important to understand.

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