Dream Black White Wedding Dress. Dream Interpretation Black and White Wedding Dress Free Online

The other day my mother had a dream: I came to visit my eldest son, I felt that I was with my husband, but at the same time I did not see him in a dream. Entering the courtyard, I saw my daughter-in-law in a short black and white dress in a circle decorated with black branches like lianas, and on her head there was something incomprehensible, either a black crown or a huge hairpin holding a very small veil, black tights and black and white sneakers. There was a terrible fear her eyes were strongly circled in black, 2 centimeters probably with long arrows blue almost purple lips and this black seemed to glow with black color. The daughter-in-law, seeing me turned around without saying a word, ran into the house, I went to catch up with her, but I was stopped by a young beautiful girl who looks like a child and asked "How could you be late for your own son’s wedding?"

I was indignant, answering that I did not know about any wedding at all, at least you were warned earlier, but they did not say a word to me, I accidentally got here. And I went into the house for my son’s wife, going into the corridor, I saw that she came out of it into the bath, I followed her, but I did not have time to see anything except a dress or her shadow, trying to catch up with her, I ran around the whole house, the yard, but never managed to catch up with her, woke up with terrible fear.

After the story, right in front of your eyes, this image is terribly insane. Maybe this is due to an incomprehensible family relationship between a brother and his girlfriend, they lived together for 2 years, she did not want children or a wedding, the brother got into big debts during this time, she moved to her place and left her job and sits at home, well, how would it be all the little things in life the woman is the keeper of the hearth, she refuses to go to her parents for the segment, he has stopped communicating with friends nowhere, although he has always been the soul of the company"ringleader " so to speak. That week he stopped by to visit his parents and boasted that they had signed, the parents were offended and there was not a big scandal, in the sense that they were not even called to the registry office and then this dream, the mother is experiencing either against the background of this dream, then -Is sleep means something.

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