Dream Blackmail and child abduction. Sleep Interpretation Blackmail and Child Abduction Free Online

I walk along the street on a winter day, I see many children playing in the square, having fun, I can hear their laughter.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a company of strangers nearby. For some reason I feel threatened and try to leave quickly.

When I enter the courtyard where my mother lives, I see these people clearly waiting for me. They came up and started talking to me aggressively. One large-build man in a dark coat tried to hit me, but I caught his hand, took his fist and deflected the blow, although I felt his strength.

This company began to harass me and demand to sign something, showered with threats. A woman with a child was sitting nearby and I, from time to time, turned to her and with my lips asked to call the police, but she did not understand me.

Then, one of the company of men, thrust two thick wads of money into my hands and again asked me to sign something. I was next to my mother’s entrance, saw that three women were approaching him, quickly gave the money, saying that I would not sign anything, and jumped into the entrance, letting these women in front.

In my head, at that moment, there was the thought that the villains would now find out who I came to, and my mother would be in danger.

I did not recognize the entrance, it had wooden floors and white painted steps. Going up, for some reason I began to wash the steps. On white it was clear that the water needed to be changed (dirty drops).

Climbing up to my mother’s apartment, I finally realized that I had entered the wrong entrance, since the apartment number was not the same. The number was 27, and I needed 85.

I got out of the driveway and went to my friends (in reality I don’t have them). Coming to them, she sat on the windowsill, closing the short curtains and began to look for the police and lawyer’s number. Suddenly, through the window, an unfamiliar, handsome, young man climbed in and sat down opposite me, asking something kindly. By this he distracted me from the phone. And then, one of my friends shouted that my child was kidnapped! I jumped out of the entrance and saw how the same men, who were blackmailing me, carried away a small child (my son, in reality, is already an adult). I rushed in pursuit (by the way, it was already summer), seeing that they were jumping into the truck, I stopped, deciding that it was dangerous for me to run in there, and I needed to think of something else to save the child.

Walking back, I cried all the time, although in my soul, I felt that my sadness was not the same as I am trying to show.

Approaching the entrance, I asked the women who approached me to open the door. They refused me at first. They asked which apartment I was going to. I began to cry and said that my child had been kidnapped and I urgently needed to call the police. They gave me a phone to call, but I could not remember a single number. They opened the door for me. I entered, but again did not recognize the entrance.

It was some kind of den, with many rooms, in one of which, I saw a company of kidnappers. Trying so that they would not recognize me, I quickly went out into the street.

I still returned to my friends, I told them everything. They started, like, calling the police. Still, trying to take something in a box, I accidentally overturned a plastic container with the remains of honey. I tasted honey, licked my finger and felt its sweet taste. Then woke up.

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