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Dreams that I’m looking for my boyfriend. I turn the corner of his house and he comes to meet me, smiles "all 32", when I get closer the smile disappears because he knows what he will get for his actions. It seems like for the fact that he smokes synthetics. In general, when he approached, I began to beat him with my hands, and on the road, on the fence. His friend Dima appeared behind him. I beat my young man so that his whole face was bright red, covered in blood. Then everything disappears, I look for him again, but this time I go to Dima’s house. I go in and stand near the door (from the outside it is iron, but from the inside it is transparent, through it you can see the street), I look out if they are coming. Then she shouted something, when she was about to leave, and then Dima’s mother comes out (in my life I have not even seen her nirazu, she died), she calls me to sit with her, but I say that I am in a hurry, some insignificant phrases and I’m leaving. I go to the house of my young man, I go in, he goes out. I start checking his phone, there are two girls in calls, Diana and Galya. I ask where to find them, he says where Diana lives (in the same entrance) and I go to her. She opens the door, I see two female figures familiar to me in life, they are glad to see me, but I have bad intentions. I make it clear to Diana for what reason I came and that now it will be very bad, since I am not happy that she communicates with my beloved person, she immediately changes her face. I tell them to go out and open the handle on the door so that together with it I have a sharp triangle of metal in my hand. They go out, we go out into the street, Dima is standing there, near the entrance, and Lyosha (my young man) gets on the bike with the same bloody face, I shout to him to come up, but he leaves and I run after him, to catch up him, and the girls follow me. It was not possible to catch up with him. After the girls disappeared, and I’m looking for that Galya. But when I find I do not understand if this is really her, because this is a huge child of about 9 years old with obvious disabilities, both physical and mental. She runs with the kids on the playground, but then she starts to bother me, grabs me. I do not pay attention to her and ask Alexey where I can find Galya, and he seems to be already with me, he says that this is her, but I don’t want to believe. Then I woke up.

Then I dreamed about another fragment. I came from the dentist, I am standing near the bridge, there are a lot of people, among them are acquaintances, next to a public toilet. Then we leave from there. The guy is the driver, I don’t know him. And next to Alina (my former classmate) and her boyfriend, according to the plot, they are drunk. The driver says that no one gets lucky for free and they go out. I stay in the car, I ask if he will take me, he agrees. I ask him "and you know such-and-such a guy and I say his last name, first name", he answers positively and I tell him that the guy about whom I just asked is dead (in reality, he is alive). And I was very sad that he "dead".

Online interpretation of sleep Blood

I will note one moment, just >>

A sharp metal grip in the Hand is a Question "love triangle", sharp in reality and requiring a firm decision.

I was sad from the fact that a Guy (from reality) is dead in a Dream – prompts about his firm Choice regarding the guy and Regret about his loss at the same time, when Doubts of correctness are torn inside..

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