Dream Deceased celebrities in a dream. Interpretation of a dream Dead celebrities in a dream free online

I dreamed from Friday 13 to Saturday, as if I were a guide / assistant to deceased Soviet celebrities to return to our World for a while. I organize a meeting for them with modern stars, singers, but I watch it from the side, from the balcony of the palace, and directly with the Soviet actors I am calmly in one large hall, they are very supportive of me, thank you for the opportunity.. So calm and peaceful. But after the meeting, they come back a little upset, still treating me very fatherly. I communicate all the time with Alexander Shirvindt. He asks me not to get upset, not to pay attention and know me that it’s time for them, but I don’t want to part with them! They are so good! They let me into the room between the worlds, in which they change into white clothes and go out the door. I’m not allowed there. The last and the FIRST I see the actor Andrey Mironov. He is silent all the time. The whole dream. And every time I see him I cry! I really feel sorry for him! And this is only at the sight and concerning him! I woke up after I saw that he entered silently into this room with a lowered gaze, cried and woke up with tears in my eyes. Before I saw Mironov, I saw that there was almost no one left in the room, everyone left and how Alexander Shirvindt began to change.

There were sooo many celebrities! Person 40.

Online interpretation of sleep Deceased celebrities in a dream

The dream expressed the dreamer’s Desire to restore connection with her Soul and everything that was once her family and friends.

Soulful Actors of owls / Cinema symbolize here the Talent and genius of a simple human Soul shown during life (the Actors are all so good, they treat me like a Fatherland, with warmth and favor..).

The silence of Andrei Mironov, who came and went in a dream (a joker and a merry fellow in life), hints at the non-manifestation of the true emotions of the Soul or the loss of his Vocation in real life (The dreamer cries.. At the sight of Andrei Mironov).

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