Dream Deceased gives a birthday present. Interpretation of a dream The deceased gives a birthday present

I dreamed that my mother, before the CCP went to bed on the night before her birthday, saw her father’s dead sister in the mirror. She stood in the mirror with a box of chocolates on which flowers were painted. And as if congratulating mom on her birthday. According to the plot of the dream, my mother, lying in bed with me, tells me about the deceased she saw. And I ask her about it. Then I, together with my mother, wake up my father to go again to look at the deceased, but already the three of us. Please tell me why there is such a dream?

I had a dream from Thurs to Fri in the morning. The night before mother’s real birthday.

Online interpretation of sleep The deceased gives a birthday present

A dream is written very approximately, little information. Really – mother, father, father’s sister – are they alive or not?? Three of us in a dream, you just went to look at the deceased or came and saw her in the mirror? I offer several possible interpretations.

1. If we accept that the "Mirror" is a symbol of isolation from the real world, a state when a person wants to discern reality, but sees only a reflection of his own images and thoughts ..

Then there is some kind of looping of circumstances, looping. Happy birthday congratulates the deceased, the cycle of life and death is closed. First, the mother communicates with the deceased, then all together go to communicate with the deceased. Some events or experiences are repeated over and over again in different versions, in a circle.

2. Let’s imagine that "Flowers" is a symbol of love.

Before her birthday, mom receives a reminder that she is loved by her loved ones. She tells you about the deceased and the three of you go to look at the sign of love again, and thus show that you share love for her.

3. Let’s imagine that the key symbol of sleep is "Box of Chocolates".

Mom gets some kind of warning before her birthday. It is ambiguous and incomprehensible. Perhaps so – happy birthday, live on, but remember candy, for the dead, take care of your health. Maybe so – happy birthday, live and enjoy candy while you can. The meaning of congratulations is not clear, because you will be a father and want to see and understand the meaning of what you saw again. In fact, you are receiving the candy warning, not your mom.

For myself, I am for the following story of your dream.

If you read "The Master and Margarita", then it all started with the fact that She was carrying flowers in her hands. He came up and said “You love flowers? ". "No" she said and threw them on the sidewalk. And THEY came together, an amazing story was born. And now someone on the border of life and death asks you “Do you like flowers? ". Suddenly you throw sweets like flowers, or flowers like sweets, the mirror will break, reality will appear behind it and He will enter your life.

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