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Perhaps I will describe two consecutive dreamed dreams. Very concerned about them.

First night and sleep: winter, drifts. I am on the street of my native but abandoned city. Concerned about something, as they say, not childish. Suddenly I notice my brother – the shirt jacket is unbuttoned to the naked body, the face is emaciated to the absence of signs of consciousness. He keeps the balance with the most that neither is the last strength. I hug him and so drag him somewhere where they can help. Some pleasant feeling, close to joy, seems to fill me, when on the way my brother reacts somehow, weakly verbally points to places-houses connected with my life and not his life (history). His face takes on a friendly expression when mine approached us, not at all his, completely barely, familiar. Wondering how he is aware of my places and my acquaintances. And then I woke up. Saved? Didn’t save? Do not know.

Sleep the next night: light enough but no sun signs. I am on the territory disfigured by ravines, which I decorate with flowers (as it seems to me now, flowers are inanimate). 100% awareness that I am in a graveyard, although no crosses or gravestones are seen at all. I unbend in order to examine, evaluate, and remain satisfied with the work done. Around me is a dense carpet of very neatly planted (placed) various colors, right in the arrangement. No field or lawn of wildflowers is comparable. There are 1 or 2 untreated slopes ahead, but it seems I am not burdening myself with the eagerness to continue working. This, 3 or 5 second vision, was, as it were, accompanied by the presence of the mother (I myself did not see her), who left this world 15 years ago. Woke up again and again at a loss – what does it mean?

P. S. If someone can interpret something, do not consider it a work. Thanks in advance. novel.

Online interpretation of sleep Decorate a cemetery

Online interpretation of sleep Decorate a cemetery

The first part of the dream acquaints the Dreamer with His Own Projection – an exhausted Brother, unbuttoned to a naked body, without signs of consciousness, aware of all My places and Friends, whence He has such O-knowledge.

The second part of the dream signals a prolonged stay of the Dreamer in an environment that is unnatural for himself (environment), which forced Him to change his natural Behavior to non-natural (He decorated the territory disfigured by Ravines with non-living Flowers, my Flowers cannot be compared with living ones – neat, even..).

Separately > beautiful non-living Flowers for decorating ravines, the Dreamer realizes himself in the Cemetery – symbolizes "beautiful external status" (but not true feelings) and Beliefs of the dreamer (no Glade of fresh flowers can compare with my neat non-living Flowers).

But.. The dreamer is no longer eager to decorate the remaining slopes (bending over) – it means that this Occupation no longer attracts the Dreamer, it is too costly (I am not loaded to continue to Decorate..).

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