Dream Deja Vu. Interpretation of sleep Deja vu free online

Yesterday I dreamed. There are no real acquaintances in the dream. I arrived in the private sector in the evening on the eve of some holiday. In a dream I felt that I was a frequent visitor there. I went into one of the houses and agreed with the owner (called him by his patronymic) about a bath with friends. Friends arrived in the dark and we started to walk. And then I realized that this was a dream and I had already seen it. I remembered that there will be some kind of brutal round-up of the military, riot police, they will grab everyone in a row, and I, trying to hide in the forest, meet with a wolf and he attacks me. A local guy appears, I know him well and I tell him to follow me, we went to get a gun (I decided to prepare for a meeting with the wolf) . When I had the gun, we went back, and the same wolf was running down the street, barking by dogs. I took out the barrel and began to aim, the wolf stopped and grinned, and this guy told me not to shoot. I saw that a local dog came up to the wolf, showing submission with all kinds and lying down in front of him. The wolf looks at the dog, and I hear a low male voice reciting strange poems. Their meaning is that there will soon be a terrible war. And the wolf runs away. I know the guy next to me didn’t hear anything. I tell him about the round-up and we run to ours to warn. We jumped into some courtyard, everyone was walking there too, our friends were not there, and we ran through the gardens to the bathhouse. Almost everyone was very drunk there. I said about the raid (its noise was already heard) . The owner spilled a bunch of kitchen knives on the floor, grabbed a couple and ran away. The two most sober guys took knives and prepared to run. I put my hand in my pocket and realized that I have no pistol. I started looking for him and found him hidden under the rug. These two were already leaving the bath and I wanted to join them. One of them said, go get something else, and we went. The local boy went with them too. The rest were insane and I decided to go alone. But I was late, the riot police were in the yard. They took me at gunpoint and offered to carefully lay out the contents of my pocket. There was no chance. I woke up.

Today I dreamed that I came to my hometown to visit. We were walking with my friend and his wife, and I suddenly wanted to buy myself another phone. We went to the store and I bought the last cot from the windscreen. Gave seven thousand and received 600 rubles of change. Later, when I decided to send SMS, the phone was found to be defective, two letters were not typed. Went to the store to return it. They accepted him and returned the money. I noticed that the store is strange, besides a small number of phones, they sell toys and collars for dogs, there are still photo ads about the sale of puppies of various decorative breeds, even for a county town too much. Woke up.

I saw both of these dreams about 3-4 years ago. In the first dream there was nothing from real life, in the second my friend, his wife, my phone is real. And in these dreams I was wearing the same old fashioned jacket.

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