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I dreamed that I was in a big house, but not in my own. I had my cat (which is in real life), I stroked and kissed her. At that moment I heard the squeak of a kitten. The beeping came from the cellar. The cellar was in the hallway next to my bedroom. I went to the cellar, I was very much alarmed that the squeak was coming from exactly where. My Grandfather also came there (a real, living person). We looked at the open cellar for 2-3 seconds, looked at each other and seemed to mentally understand that we were dealing with a demon, and just as mentally realized that we needed to somehow close this cellar. I raised the bed to get the carpet, and at that moment my grandfather spread it out, so that for the first time at least close it, and then go outside the door, which will close this whole thing more tightly. As soon as he spread the carpet, the sound of the kitten squeaking was replaced by the half-crying of a little girl, and as soon as the grandfather spread it, the sound approached and I saw how a lump the size of a little girl shifted under the carpet and entered my bedroom. Terror gripped me. I understood approximately what I was dealing with. I began to go into the bedroom and saw a fry girl, with her hair down, in an old, gray robe,

and if I’m not mistaken with yellow eyes. It became very scary, and she looked at me and, smiling, began to walk forward. As it got worse, I started to step back and pray. To baptize myself under these prayers, and when she came very close, I began to christen her, to which she smiled quietly with a giggle.

Then the dream moves to another house. We are sitting at the table. We are me, some kind of red-haired guy, two girls (one child and one adult). Previously, we had planned a plan to drive the demon back to hell. This required a continuous knock, and a couple more factors (which I don’t remember). The same demon enters in the guise of a fry girl and 2 more older girls, as if they are also demons (or not). The feeling is as if from the first part of the dream, as soon as it appeared, we are under the daily oppression of demons. The clock strikes 12 and we are trying to quietly carry out the ritual while at the table with the demon, but someone starts coughing and part of the words / spell is lost (one of

the clock stops beating steadily (the second part of the ritual); one of the girls of this family tries to divert attention to herself with laughter, but looking at her everyone understands that today’s attempt has failed.

Employee frame that someone tried to escape from

of this room, having left by car, but the demons also drove in the car, very quickly, like ghosts, and did something that led to the death of the escaped.

The dream repeats itself, we are again sitting at the same table, the same composition, the demon has not yet arrived, but why has the printer arrived from my work. I open it and see that there are engraved combinations for exorcism. The moment I look at the combinations – I understand the demon has been summoned

these same people who are sitting at the table in the same house from the first part of the dream. Time 23: 00

a demon comes in, also in the guise of a glimpse of a girl, but for some reason with a red diploma in his hands. We understand that there is still 1 hour before exile, everyone is ready, the ritual is learned, everyone is waiting. I sit at the table, a demon sits down perpendicular to me, begins to say all sorts of nasty things in my ear, as if from childhood, in order to hurt me as much as possible. I look at the hands of the demon (little girl), laughing away, trying to smooth over the sharp corners of the conversation, they say it doesn’t bother me. At this moment, my eyes are felt on the table and my gaze falls on the elbow of the demon. For a hundredth of a millisecond, this girl’s foot appears sticking out of the elbow, then the elbow back. Terror grips me. I look up, and a demon in the guise of a girl looks at me and smiles silently. It felt like the demon likes to mock us in different ways. The case is closer to 00: 00 (to the ritual), when suddenly one of the participants, a red-haired man, asks if there is a bar nearby, he is answered. I feel that he wants to leave not because he was scared, but as if he was just very tired of all this.

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