Dream Desired girl makes purchases and disappears from sight. The interpretation of sleep The desired girl makes

Help me unravel the dream, on the border with Belarus I am waiting for a girl with whom a relationship has not worked out like an ambush. I see her, blonde in a black dress, entering the store, flashing in the windows, making purchases. Then it disappears somewhere and an armored personnel carrier from Pridnestrovie, painted in motley (red with green stripes), appears, the driver of which indignantly says that the father (Lukashenko) has banned entry into Belarus under the threat of artillery fire.

Then I wait again near the small brick pavilion when the girl comes again, I follow her, she goes to the pavilion and buys a bun (pie), then leaves me straight and, as it were, down, there are the same stalls with pastries, she buys some bagels, sprinkled with powdered sugar, I follow her with my gaze, distinguish from the mass of people walking, she turns back and I lose sight of her. I walk where she passed, I go to the stall, the showcase is lit, it’s dark outside, two guys in front of me are buying the last pastry, the same as she bought, I go on, go around these stalls and come up from the other side, there is a door and near it below there is a piece of pizza, I ask where the sweet pastries are, the saleswoman tells me everything is sold and I buy pizza. The dream is colored, and the girl was seen mainly from the side, and the face with a lowered gaze on the purchased

Online interpretation of sleep Desired girl makes purchases and disappears from sight

Let’s divide the dream into parts, since there are a lot of polar symbols in it.

The girl with whom the relationship did not work out and everything that is connected with her in the dream according to the observations of the Dreamer – very clearly characterizes the Dreamer himself from the emotional side (the Dreamer could not become the girl’s partner in reality, and why?).

And here is the answer – the Dreamer could not catch the desires of this girl in time and confidently correspond to her (the remaining Sweet bagels have already been sold out by two Guys, there is only pizza left, to which the late Dreamer agrees – this means that not all girls love with their ears, here all means are good ).

The outraged Driver of the motley Armored Personnel Carrier from the border and dad Lukashenko symbolize the Dreamer’s bright emotional reaction in personal matters and his inner indignation-regret because of the unsuccessful relationship with the girl.

And the dream just wanted to remind the Dreamer of that, "whoever had time, he ate" or "all is fair in war" (in the positive sense of the word, in no case – not to war, but to ingenuity, resourcefulness, courage and rationality in matters of the heart).

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