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Good day everyone. I had a very strange dream. I do not remember all the events that happened in the dream, but one thing I remember for sure – the devil was present in the dream.

He was in the form of a man (only with an absolutely unremarkable face, or maybe he was simply always present so that he could not be seen). He behaved calmly, confidently and very frightening, he did not say who he was, but I was definitely sure of that.

During sleep, he tried to agree with me about something (which, I don’t remember anymore), but all the time I evaded answering. At the same time, I woke up several times, and every time I fell asleep, he appeared again.

I really want to know what such personalities are for, and I will be glad to hear any interpretations

Online interpretation of sleep Devil

The devil in the image of a person – symbolizes the lower passions of a person and a person’s dependence on their passions due to a low degree of awareness.

The unmemorable face of the Devil, inspiring calm, confidence and horror – show the deep delusions of the Dreamer, his true hidden emotions and his external feigned image.

To evade an answer to the Devil is the Dreamer’s lack of awareness of his responsibility, disconnected consciousness, asociality of the Dreamer.

Online interpretation of sleep Devil

In a dream, the dreamer’s consciousness recorded the activity of an excited mind (he fell asleep and woke up, he reappeared). The brain in the sleeping physical body produced thoughts, but which and about what, the dreamer cannot remember, since this is not essential.

It is important that there was a fixation on the fact that the dreamer saw the work of his mind, the level of its development and the force of pressure on the brain, but did not take himself for the mind, a kind of tempter, did not limit his vision of himself to the framework of the ability to create thoughts.

The state of mind in the present frightens the dreamer, since stability in the awareness of his existence has not yet been achieved. Therefore, thoughts are not something independent (they do not have their own face).

The positive is that the dreamer (consciously or unconsciously) works to focus the mind in the field of self-exploration. Consciousness, illuminates both the light and dark side of the dreamer’s personality.

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