Dream dilapidated house. Interpretation of sleep Old house free online


Again I dreamed about an old, very dilapidated house. I go into it. He’s ready to fall apart but he holds on. In one of the rooms, my friend is cleaning, she removed all the furniture, in general, she cleaned it.

Then I swear very hard at my ex-husband. He calmly looks at me and says: – Those with whom I communicate are even worse than me. (speaks with such doom. )

I leave him with my son across the bridge into the sea (the bridge seems to go into the sea), and he says that I am with my son "saint" (not literally, but this is the meaning of his words. ), so he can’t touch me.

In a dream, I dreamed of two of my childhood friends and both had a very severe illness (poisoning, stomach ache, etc.).d.)

Online interpretation of sleep Old house

You poison yourself (friends were poisoned) life with strong feelings (I swear very much) about your husband. But eventually let go (bridge to the sea)

Your dilapidated house will fall apart – everything has its time. The main thing is the intention to let go.

Online interpretation of sleep Old house

The dilapidated house symbolizes the dreamer’s outdated behavioral strategy associated with her ex-husband. Unfortunately, the dreamer decided not to let go of the situation, forgetting and forgiving, but invents new adventures and turns "trials" for the husband (a friend cleans the apartment, takes out the furniture, but the apartment is the same).

So, the dreamer is trying to live in a new way, without a husband, but the past reigns in her head. And there are no options for life without a husband – in a positive or negative guise.

Therefore, until the dreamer stops somehow associating herself and her ex-husband together (even if it is an association – "tossed and divorced, but HIS tossed and divorced").

It must be broken, it is unproductive. This is self-criticism. One must live not in spite of. And not even for myself. And for others and for loving them. And through this comes self-love and love from the outside.

And the dreamer’s place for love from the outside is occupied by squabbles – undying love with her ex-husband.

Forgive me if I offended you with anything.

Online interpretation of sleep Old house

Dilapidated house can mean the past, memories. Cleaning – you clean up memories, deal with them. Swearing with your husband – there are some grievances in your memory.

Leave across the bridge – you are no longer on your way. May mean distance, loss of contact.

Poisoning can also mean resentment – perhaps this opinion of yours manifests itself in a dream in the form of his words, you think that he and your son are not worthy of you. But it may be that these are his thoughts.

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