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I make two coffees and everything looks like a fog like a memory. I walk from the kitchen up the stairs to the bedroom to the girl, we seem to be together. She enjoys coffee in the morning and we joke and fool around – we are happy. Approaching the window and looking into it, I see how the time of the year has changed in an instant, turning back to me an empty room with a lonely bed.

Going down the same stairs to the bottom, I saw her parents or grandparents. Who collected things and took out some of the furniture. As I understand it, they sold a huge mansion or did not want to live there. A bunch of workers were scurrying around, the girl’s mother came up to me and said that the girl would like to give the pictures to me.

I made two coffees and went up the stairs to the same room, glancing into it again and began to observe the workers at the railing, who were fussing like ants with their thoughts, lives, dreams and problems.

As if traveling through memories, I tried to remember our story in a dream, who this girl is and how I ended up in this unfamiliar house in which I felt at home.

I turned out to be a child and often saw myself in the third person and in the first person, as if watching a movie about my life which was not in this reality.

We were children and we rode bicycles, we always got into some kind of stories.

A brand new girl with long hair and a beautiful smile came to us, and sympathy immediately appeared between us, we went for a drive with the whole crowd.

It was as if I found myself in these places as an adult, as if I needed to visit them and remember all these moments as if I had forgotten them.

I saw a tree with tall grass standing by the field where I met this girl, where we kissed for the first time and spent our happy days there – I even saw a ring. Then a wooden bridge in the forest over a river similar to that in a mountainous area. I was an adult again and held on to a wet handrail covered in green moss, "even in a dream I felt cool and fresh".

The dream throws me from home and memories to a bar not far from the house in which I was originally. I sit in the same place every time I get into this bar, I became older than I was when the furniture was taken out of the house and returned to this place in order to remember or understand something. I bought the house. I order a glass of whiskey and sit there remembering something when a stranger sits down next to me and orders the same. After some time, a conversation is struck up which leads to new memories.

The dream throws me into new memories (which are actually only in a dream).

I move a lot from place to place, then from the beginning I work for someone, then I open my own company and buy a gallery, and then I take out from storage the paintings that were painted by a dear person who is not around.

The paintings reminded me of something and raise more questions and secrets than simply pleasing to the eye. One of the paintings falls and splits, and between the canvas and plywood lies an old cassette. I saw her and immediately wanted to see. On the cassette is the same girl, it seems like we got married and these videos are from our lives. It was they who made me return to that house and remember everything.

Then the dream broke off a little, but I ended up in a big city on the Balkan of some hotel at the bottom there were rivers and the city was filled with protesters and noise. It made me very upset and as if it exploded emotionally and everyone around at the bottom disappeared on the same balcony was that stranger from the bar only younger. He smiled and spoke "see you can make disappear and forget anyone". Missing people erased or were between measurements.

I see that scene from the bar where I was ordering whiskey and a stranger sat next to me. Only with the difference that I’m not there, I seem to be watching from the side. How a stranger approaches and asks to give him exactly the place where I constantly sat at some local. The bartender asks him why he is not satisfied with any other place when the bar is empty. His words "This place was loved by someone dear to me – my sister who disappeared" his bartender here asks about the surname and after which the visitor gives up his place at the counter. And he took a sip of whiskey and takes out a baby photo where all our friends are in the photo next to this girl, next to her is her brother and a couple of people who are of little importance in this story. Coming closer to this guy who is staring at a photograph, I hear "I told you you can make you disappear and forget anyone" and at the same moment the same girl takes me by the hand, turning to her, I see the bar from the side, but without her and me.

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