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We came to visit someone with my husband, the house was very light, in white, as we entered, the first thing we saw was the kitchen (everything was white). As it turned out, only my husband was invited, but they didn’t wait for me when they went into the kitchen, saw a woman at the stove and a man at the window, while the woman was cooking soup in a white saucepan and pasta (I saw food down to the smallest detail, pasta with spices and some reddish sauce), while the woman said that she was expecting only her husband and was afraid that there would not be enough food, I said that I was not hungry.

After these words, we ended up in a different place with the same people, I do not know why we were there, but the thought was in my head that my son remained in the house where we were before (although at first we were there only with my husband). The woman said that these are our problems and that they rented this house and after a few hours it just disappears. Since 2-3 hours have already passed, I began to panic and ask for the contacts of the landlords, the woman began to look for a phone in her mobile with reluctance.

Everything gives way to the fact that I’m looking for this house, I came to the place where he was, began to call my son, then the rest of my sleep I was looking for this house and woke up.

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This dream, in reality, means – experience, anxiety, emotions, troublesome fuss. However, judging by only one decryption key out of several available in your text, you describe for the most part (white tones), this means your problems in current life in aggregate, are not as sad and terrible as they say, but they deliver, ( will give) you troubles and intense fuss.

This is the very first decryption key in the text, here it is – "the house was very bright, in white, the kitchen (everything was white)", tells me that after some time, your some kind of anxiety, experiences, will be resolved.

Allowed, but not quite as much as you would like, but nevertheless allowed. This is already indicated by another, but-compiled decryption key- from your text, here it is -"the woman said that she was only expecting her husband, I said that I was not hungry, started looking for a phone in my mobile".

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