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I’m in the hospital with my son. He had some kind of complex life-threatening illness. But the doctors cured him.

In the hallway, I hear a conversation between a doctor and my ex-husband:

– That you left them, your child, is not right (awful! ), this cannot be done, it is scary (. Almost literally conveyed. ), this was said by the doctor to my ex-husband.

To the doctor in a dream there was a special feeling. Trust, devotion, boundless love.

Then there were some corridors, conversations.

In my dream, I had a feeling of relief and security and warmth (in the physical sense, I still feel it! ) .

Online interpretation of sleep Doctor, hospital

Well, what are you all really something.

And although I promised the author not to write more interpretations of her dreams, I will make an exception, because the woman is deluding herself, and the interpreters help her.

Work here, of course, has nothing to do with it.

The doctor is an INTERNAL CENSOR. This is the dreamer’s deliberate attitude, according to which SOMEONE ELSE IS TO blame for EVERYTHING. T. E. This is the dreamer’s harmful self-attitude. Alas, an internal censor often harms a person rather than really helps.

Then we untwist (in reverse order):

the image of the ideal man the more time passes since the breakup, the more features of the ex-husband include.

The new image of a man is painful even at death (sick son).

So, the dreamer doesn’t really want anyone but her ex-husband. And all the shoots of new relationships are strangled.

Realizing that the husband will not return, the dreamer leaves a chance to create a new image of the ideal man (the child is recovering).

An internal censor gives the dreamer peace and warmth. T. E. The dreamer found self-complacency in the fact that she was wronged, that she is a VICTIM.

Let me remind you that two are always to blame for parting. And to shift the blame for what happened to one half is at least wrong, but in general, it is criminal in relation to your future life, in relation to your happiness.

Infantilism with which the dreamer calmed down, believing that she is a victim and can now sit on a tree stump and wait. The return of the past, the past, will not bear fruit (the husband did not return in a dream). And this is an objective fact recognized by the dreamer.

And this, instead of moving on, to overcome the situation, recovering from suffering.

Failures haunt the dreamer only because. That she considers herself a victim, a victim.

I think the dreamer needs not to write to the site for at least a month, to understand herself, to look inside herself without soothing speeches and hypocritical support from the outside.

NS. WITH. (to the dreamer): this is the last time I try to provide targeted real help. More than I have already done, I cannot do.

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