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Recently, it seems on Saturday, I had a dream that my friend and I were at some kind of wooden house – this is a cafe, we are sitting with her at the table and talking about something. Other people are sitting around, also talking about something. It’s winter outside and there is a lot of snow, probably, like we now have snowdrifts everywhere.. Snow is snow-white and even. At some point, my old acquaintance comes in, whom I don’t really strive for in my life and want to see, and in a dream the same reaction to him comes in – a little negative, but I try to restrain myself. A friend tells me to try to calm down, and everything will be fine, and as I understand it, she knew that he would drive up.

He comes up and sits down next to me, but I turn half-side and try not to talk or look with him. He came with a dog – a huge beautiful insanely German shepherd. In reality, he had the same huge Doberman many years ago, but died. This shepherd dog, in my dream, has the same name as the real dog. The dog climbs to my face, I just physically feel his wet and cool nose. He is trying to break off the leash, which for some reason already appears in my hands, I weaken the leash.. I give him everything and sniff everything.. He climbs everywhere, sniffs everyone, someone strokes him.. Then he comes back, licks me, almost on his knees wants to me, rubs his ears, muzzle, and again I feel his wet and cool, his big nose pokes my cheek, which is very funny and pleasant..

And his master, he sits next to him, trying to tell me something. It is unpleasant for me, I, without turning my head, push him away with my hand, I ask you to leave me alone. He’s trying to tell me something again. Leans over to your ear and I push it back again. All my attention is just in this shepherd dog, which causes wild delight just in me. (although somewhere in my head a thought flashed – why is his name the same as his Doberman?, but only in passing). Something else happened later, something began to distract me, but I woke up when the dog knelt down on my knees with its front paws and began to look at me with its black eyes.

The dog in this dream was very bright, as if it really was jumping around me – in life, although an old acquaintance caused me some kind of negativity in a dream.

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