Dream Dolls – killers. Interpretation of sleep Dolls – killers free online

I have a dream from the category of classic horror films. About killer dolls.

The dream begins with the fact that I have special feelings for my brother, it seems to my cousin. Another brother of ours is following us. He follows us to the platform, from where the first brother leaves somewhere by train.

Two dolls appear from somewhere in the house. The house is nice, large, 2 or 3 floors, with an attic and a basement, beautiful pink wallpaper with flowers on the walls, good dark wood furniture in the house, white tablecloths with lace at the edges on the tables, a bouquet on the coffee table in the living room. Everything is very beautiful and wonderful in the house, as if everything is always good here and always welcomes guests. My big family lives in the house, but nobody is visible.

One doll has long blonde hair, the other has dark and short hair. Both are wearing some sort of blue school uniform with sailor suits. At times, these dolls turn into 10 year old girls. When I drag the one with the dark hair across the field, I notice that she has yellow eyes. Like mine. And there, in a dream, and in life.

They commit some kind of murder, the main one is the one with short dark hair. They sing a song to themselves, several times, at different times. The song says that they cannot be defeated.

They pose a threat and I decide to destroy them. It seems that there are some other relatives in the house and I am driving them away. I walk into the bedroom with some poker. The dolls sit on the bed and are not visible, and it is better not to look under the bed. Somehow I manage to hit the dark-haired woman on the head and thereby separate the head from the body, I throw it on black plastic and start crushing it with this poker and crushing it with my feet. From there, thick, sticky, dark blood flows to the floor, it does not hurt me, but it is still unpleasant, and I ask you to bring a rag faster.

Then I understand that that crushed head is not that doll at all, and the other is daughter dolls with light curls, you know those who close their eyes if they are put?

From the bedroom, where these two are sitting under the bed, their song is heard again, but I feel that they go into the walls, and from there they go somewhere else, and they will never return here again.

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