Dream Doors, stairs, glasses, people, rain. Sleep interpretation Doors, stairs, glasses, people, rain

Please tell me what this dream means (I dreamed today on June 14).

I’m in the company of people (some of them are former colleagues and classmates, but most of them are unfamiliar). We leave the cafe (like in another city, which I don’t know). I have a glass in my hand, it seems to be wine (but it looks like water, although the taste is clearly white wine, a former classmate asks me to hold his glass of champagne.

We walk towards the hotel, I walk behind everyone and at some point lag behind them (I don’t remember the reason). They go far ahead, t.To. I have to wait for the cars to pass and cross the road. They go around the corner of the house, there are a lot of entrances in the house and the house is winding and long. I almost catch up with them. I understand that the road is wet after rain, puddles. While holding a glass of champagne, I thought about throwing it away several times. As a result, I got tired of carrying it and throwing the glass back over my shoulder, I hear how it breaks into many small fragments, and I feel good, I say to myself "for luck! ") And t.To. My legs (I was in shorts or a skirt) are wet from the rain, I feel the fragments stick to my legs, I try to brush them off my right leg with my hand.

I can’t catch up with my group, they enter the entrance, but I don’t have time to go after them, so they get into the elevator without me and leave. I realize that I do not remember either the floor or the room number.

Walking stairs, upstairs, upstairs. I find myself on some floor and try in vain to find the right room. There were so many doors. And the numbering was not at all in order. I stumble upon a group of people, recognize a friend, communicate. I go further. My phone and my colleague are ringing (finally, they realized that I was behind, and I myself did not dare to call them, because.To. It was already 2 o’clock in the morning, and was afraid to wake them up) calls the room number (out of 4 digits, it seems, were 4, 7, 6, 9 or 2. In a dream, I remembered the number, but I could not find the room, because.To. The doors were out of order, and I remember that I walked back and forth, t.To. The room number I needed was just missing and the numbering jumped abruptly to other rooms, it is quite possible that I was in the wrong wing of the hotel, but I saw how my group entered this particular wing). Instead of explaining to me how to get to her room, a colleague begins to explain what needs to be done at the reception.

I never found a room, I find myself again on the street in search of the right entrance. It’s cold, a blanket suddenly appears on me, I wrap myself in it, pick it up from the floor so as not to get dirty and wet in the puddles. A man (of African appearance) suddenly pesters me, I ask for help from another man passing by, I myself continue to look for an entrance. At this point I was awakened.

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