Dream Double Murder. Sleep Interpretation Double Murder Free Online


Nothing like this was ever dreamed of. Two o’clock in the morning. Woke up from the nightmare and horror of what is happening in a dream. Dreaming on a green flatter of a plant is a disgusting flat, like a sheet of paper, a shiny black insect the size of a palm, as if cut out with scissors. It looks like nothing, scary to fainting. It creeps away, I’m looking for it, I look under the wardrobe.

Second scene. I need to kill my son. Chop off the head with an ax. There is no other way out. In a dream, he is three or four years old. I ask my wife (with whom I divorced a long time ago), help me, hold him. The son lies on his stomach covered with a white crumpled sheet. I try on and hit the neck with all my might. But in the hand is no longer an ax, but a cleaver. He is screaming. I can’t seem to cut it all the way. With an effort I cut pink meat without blood.

Scene three. I go up the wooden steps to the veranda, where there is a long-dead grandmother from cancer, again my wife and someone else. Again I ask my wife to help, take my grandmother into the room, so that on the way to hit her on the head with an ax from behind. I tell my wife that I have already chopped off her legs. She leads. I go after and think how best to hit, with a butt or a blade. I swing, grandma turns around, her face is distorted. She’s screaming: " So that’s who the killer is! ".

Scene four. My sister is the headmaster of a law school at work, drunk. I spray perfume into her mouth to kill the smell of alcohol.

Online interpretation of sleep Double murder

Need to Kill the Son – Necessity "kill" in himself the Son, where Meat without Blood – signifies about Outdated blood relations, to chop off the Head – to chop off the old "head", Connecting Thinking.

In short, all parts of the dream about Exiting Outdated Programs =

Online interpretation of sleep Double murder

Well, according to the symbols, dreams are good, except for the last episode!

The first scene is ridding yourself of feelings of anger, psycho

Dreams about murders, although they stir up the blood and wake up from them, to put it mildly, not in yourself, mean the end of the stage of waiting for changes, problems that have not been solved for years (you can watch in more detail on my YouTube channel about murders and insects)

The scene about a drunken sister means that either she will offend you when you meet, or a person close to you will do it

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