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Please help me explain the dream. I was very real, even waking up I didn’t quite understand that I was waking up. I’ll be a little chaotic, but I’ll try to describe in more detail – I don’t even really know what is more important in it. I had a dream at night on January 1, 2016 (I went to bed, of course, after midnight). At first, some of my friends and I went to swim on some lake in the forest, there were a lot of hills around (for some reason, this was what hooked me more).

I think I thought it was happening in Japan. While we were swimming, a white Eastern (long like a snake) dragon entered the water. The water was darkish (or unclear. ), in addition, there was a lot of algae below, so I did not see the dragon in the water, only when part of its long body appeared on the surface. In life, I will never go into troubled water, especially where there are algae – I am very afraid of such conditions. In a dream, I was calmly. I tried not to touch the algae especially, although they were quite pleasant to the touch – soft and warm. Sometimes they were replaced by rough rough boulders. By the way, the lake was quite shallow. At first I was scared of the dragon, but my friends looked at me reproachfully and said so with emphasis "This is the White Dragon".

I immediately calmed down, stopped being afraid and became very interested in him, I wanted to look at everything, touch him, stroke him. (if important, the dragon was very similar to the dragon Taku from the cartoon "Spirited Away") The dragon for some reason swam next to me, allowed himself to be stroked. Then he lit up with a pleasant, non-blinding light and a little plump boy appeared (a thought flashed through his head "like a little Buddha), very white-skinned, even with a shade of blue, completely without hair and his eyes were different: both were large, one was blue, the other was with a vertically rounded violet iris and a fiery pupil (in the sense of not color, but was a flame ). The very face radiated goodness, light.friends, for some reason frightened of what was happening, from the shore began to persuade me that it was time to leave, I kind of brushed them off "I’m going out now", and she herself went up to the dragon-man, took his hands, smiled, looked into his eyes and only thought: "I want to talk with you". He looked at me, and smiling back, said "Hey". I was surprised: "do you know Russian? " – "yes i know many languages". Then I was still surprised that I didn’t have to say anything.

Then the action was transferred to some kind of mansion, where there were many rooms inhabited by people, like a student dormitory. There was a young man there, I knew that this was the same dragon, now he already looked older, he looked 25 years old (a couple of years older than me), handsome. I understood that I loved him madly and I only wanted to be close to him, hold his hand, not let go, listen to him, and never think about anything bad again.

He had exactly the same feelings for me, he constantly tried to hold my hand, pressed me whenever possible, for the rest he took the form of a rather plain young man, a little plump, with glasses, but all the same it did not spoil him, and I knew, what he really is, although I did not care at all about his appearance. I loved it in him. The rest was irrelevant.

It was in the evening, they were sitting in the company of someone, discussing that there were very few days off, and the dragon man had the gift of either persuasion or change of reality – I did not think about it, but we were immediately informed that from tomorrow we will have three days off, and he immediately planned a trip to rest. But then something strange began to happen, it became dark outside the window, but with a strange purple tint, as if the darkness was thickening, acquiring matter. He was alert and told me to go close the doors that I have time. I obeyed and went up the floor to close everyone in their rooms, explaining everything by necessity and a request not to go out until morning. But then I reached the room that was next to ours, persuaded my friend to stay in the room, began to lock it with a key from the outside, and the lock kept opening, I did this several times, trying to understand the reason, but the lock opened each time, sometimes more slowly, then faster, but the result is the same. I went to my room, closing myself from the inside, told about the incident with the castle and saw that our castle also strives to open. The dragon man took my hand and said we had to run.

We left the room, and I saw how different creatures began to run out of our neighbors’ rooms – demons, devils, zombies, all evil spirits – these were the inhabitants of the rooms turned into these creatures. For some reason, I felt strange, looked at my neighbor, who had become a zombie and said "healing". A soft pleasant light began to emanate from me, which began to heal from this darkness those on whom I directed my "word" (I don’t know what exactly happened to those who "healed" – for some reason I stubbornly did not look at them, as if I was afraid to see my "work", only looked at "monsters", but in this I was supported by my companion, who was quite pleased with the result. A feeling of such fear happens when, for example, you are driving, a narrow enough place and an oncoming car is driving and you stubbornly look ahead, afraid to look sideways at a passing car, as if hoping for "be lucky and don’t hurt each other"). The dragon man pulled out a mirror card from somewhere and said it was a card of my soul.

It was all mirrored, aft of the upper left corner – it was dark, and every time I healed creatures – the corner widened. The dragon man said that it is imperative to monitor my powers, otherwise the darkness will also swallow me and I will become the same demon, he stepped on the map and squeezed this darkness into a corner with his foot, the piece decreased, but did not completely go away. We went out into the city, saw that everyone in the city had become such creatures, they were in cars, just passers-by, but everyone was in a hurry somewhere in the same direction (I didn’t know the city well, so I don’t know where exactly they were in a hurry). I remembered what hurt me: I looked into one of the cars, which had an open window, there was a zombie who manically repeated "Go, go, gotta go". He grabbed the steering wheel with both hands and it was clear from him that nothing else bothers him around. Steering wheel only. Only move forward. And all the other zombies in the cars were the same.

In general, there was a huge traffic jam on the road, I did not see any beginning or end of this, the cars were mostly parked, so I was able to see it. For some reason, all the cars began to resemble toy "Beetles" dark blue, all the same. Sometimes they were watered down by small van trucks. For some reason, in a dream, I really paid attention to this. I didn’t spend my strength anymore, realizing that I wouldn’t heal everyone alone, I needed something massive, from some central point, I already tried a similar opportunity – I healed the floor in the mansion in which we were. On the way, when we went out to the park, which was brightly lit, as if during the day, although it was night now, the dragon man, approaching a beautiful red horse with a long mane, said that the main thing is not to forget the good. In general, it was summer around, and on this piece of the park there was a very warm, mild, harvest-bearing autumn.

There was a little foal in the clearing with the horse. Also redhead. I played a little with him, laughed and kept thinking that he might suddenly become a unicorn. I understood that in order to concentrate the power of healing, I needed a source of energy so that darkness would not swallow me, and the unicorn would be perfect, but now the miracle did not happen and it was time for us to leave. The dragon man took my right hand and we ran further towards the city center, trying to stay away from the dark creatures and not waste my soul powers.

This time we didn’t walk, we ran, the creatures became more aggressive, the traffic jam from cars from this area of ​​the city disappeared, but the occasional lorry-vans strove to run over someone. The creatures tried to catch up with us and bite, but my companion protected me and did not allow them, although he held my hand all the time, not letting go for a second. I looked with horror at this chaos. I woke up at that moment when I looked at the dragon-man, who was biting on the neck of one of the creatures that overtook us, who simply froze from the bite, as if petrified.

Please help me understand the dream. He was very real. And feelings and what he saw, as if in reality everything was happening. From emotions and feelings only in the evening let go.

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