Dream Dragon, snakes. Dream interpretation Dragon, snakes free online

How it all began – I don’t remember. I see only myself and some two snakes, but terribly huge, they say that they want to show me something. They open the lid in the heel of the dragon (for some reason the lid was old and wooden – some kind of nonsense), move along the blood vessels of the dragon, (I clearly feel that I am moving behind them). I don’t remember what exactly they did inside the dragon, I only see their satisfied smiles and hear: " It will serve him right". After I see that the dragon was terribly angry and as it turned out it was not a small baby dragon, as it was originally thought, but a huge dragon (the dragon had one head). The snakes were gone, only people were running in different directions and hiding somewhere, for some reason I felt that wherever I was hiding – he would find me. A man running ahead of me jumped behind some old fence and hid in the maples, I ran behind the fence after him, but from the other side, that is, into the courtyard itself, and saw the old wooden roofs. Hiding inside one of the buildings, I clearly remember that there were huge holes in the doors through which I saw everyone and the dragon saw me. I distinctly remember the look of the dragon – his anger in his eyes, he let out a terrifying roar and spewed flame in my direction, I only managed to jump back to the corner of the roof, where the fire could not reach me. Mentally, I understood that I needed to run: at the other end of the courtyard, I saw a stainless steel bathtub and at the same moment, for some reason, I was under it. The dragon at this time stood in the yard and killed all the people who scattered in fright in different directions from this yard. There was a desire to go out to his yard and ask for forgiveness, because I understood that sooner or later he would find me, but my inner feelings suggested: " Run".

Opening my eyes to reality, I heard my heartbeat and rapid breathing from horror, but I continued to see myself standing near the wall in the same courtyard, I saw the door that was in the wall and led down. I went into it and tried to squeeze as far as possible into the darkness, but there were some holes and mucus from those very hefty snakes that showed me how to anger the dragon. At this time, the dragon tried to punch a hole in the building, because he knew that I was there. Curled up in a ball, I trembled with fear and guilt for having done this wrong with the dragon.

Online interpretation of sleep Dragon, snakes

You have opened the veil of the great mystery – the human body. Snakes are energies that run through channels, meridians and blood vessels. The dragon is the keeper of the secret, he showed you that fear interferes with vision and understanding. Do not worry if you complete this lesson – very soon you may awaken unusual abilities.

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