Dream Drawing. Sleep Interpretation Drawing Free Online

In a dream, I was in some kind of talent competition in fine arts. All this took place in a huge hall that resembled a theater. Stage, seats for spectators, loggias, huge chandeliers. And stuff like that. Either the rewarding was about to begin, or something else. In general, there were a lot of people and they were still just starting to come and sit down.

Then, I find myself all the same, but as if already behind the scenes, somewhere behind the stage. Coming out soon. But I’m not alone there, but with a young man. In my life I do not know him and have not even seen. And there we seem to have just met. I only had a sketch of my drawing. It was just a girl’s face. Nothing is really drawn. And he began to refine my drawing. Started with this girl’s hair (noting that he especially enjoys drawing this part). He painted intensely and very lively, while, at the same time, he said something to me. The setting was fun, we were both smiling.

Further, somehow it turned out that he was already drawing on my body. Precisely starting from the lower back, and then moving on to the legs. It was like some kind of prank, like we were fooling around. I said that I was tickled, laughed and he, too, and stuff like that. I don’t remember exactly what was painted on me. But as if it was almost all over my body, something resembling a ribbon wrapping around me. And this drawing ended on the legs, at the calf. There was a picture of scissors.

But then suddenly some kind of excitement struck me. (Maybe it was due to the fact that I will soon go on stage.. I definitely didn’t catch it). And I began to faint. Lost consciousness several times. How bad it was, I felt very clearly. At this time, this same young man brought me to my senses.

And the last episode of sleep. We are in an incomprehensible room (like, all the same building where we were at the very beginning), the guy supports me after losing consciousness. And here, where we were (it was a concrete room with a twisted staircase), an unknown man descends from this very staircase, seemingly more than 50 years old. He was in a hussar military uniform (one more detail, he seemed to be holding his headdress in his hand, and his head was wounded and he could see blood) and began to deliver a very dramatic speech very loudly and emotionally. I remember something about Emperor Alexander I. That’s all.

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