Dream Dreamed beloved. Interpretation of a dream Dreamed of a loved one for free online

I met a young man two years ago on the Internet. He was divorced at that time and he has a little daughter (4 years old). Bad relationship with ex. She doesn’t let her see her daughter, she doesn’t want to tell anything about her when he asks. But this is all from his words. In short, he is worried about this.

We met, communicated very well. We have been communicating for 2 years. We rarely see each other very much. Met in reality only a few times. We live in different parts of the city, says that there is a lot of work and there is no time to come. Although, he comes to my end of the city, because the former with their child lives in my side. Then he is not yet ready for a new relationship and is afraid of repetition. And I fell in love like a naive fool. This year he met my parents. But I see him very rarely. Busy. We only have SMS and phone calls. Something like that in a nutshell.

I dream that I climbed into a pond to swim, but the pond is kind of strange, it looks like a swamp. The water is dark dirty green. But I calmly swim in it. And suddenly, like in a fantasy film, a huge man appeared next to me, supposedly the god of this reservoir. And he says to someone (whom I can’t see): I will drown her.

And then my dream switches to an apartment.

I walk around the room and I get nervous. Suddenly my boyfriend walks in. And he tells me the following:

I must do it. I must sacrifice myself. You understand! It will be like a deliverance to me. And I will save you and myself. No one will suffer.

I started to wail and cry. I say: well, why! Is there some other way.

He: no. Because it’s been two years now! I didn’t do anything for you. I only torture you and myself. I should have done something in a year, like a man! And I did not undertake! Why do you need it!

I started roaring wildly after that. Because I didn’t want to lose him.

NS. WITH.: my dad died recently and I am very sensitive to everything, especially the topic of death. And even such a dream.

In general, I do not know what this dream is for.

It turns out that he acted like an egoist in a dream. He only thought that he would save himself from the torment of thinking about everything and everyone. And here, they say, such an opportunity

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