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We used to have a bunch of friends – me, Romina, Katya and Ksyusha. And Ksyusha was my best friend.

I had such a dream that I was sitting with my classmate-friend Romina on a couple in college and Katya called me on the phone. (At the time of sleep with Ksyusha and Katya, I was in a quarrel, but not with Romina) I asked the teacher for leave and went out into the corridor. For some reason I had already forgotten about the phone call and was walking down the corridor. The corridor somehow smoothly turned into the street. When I reached the street I saw Ksyusha. (It seemed to me that I just should have seen Ksyusha, and not with Katya, who called). In this dream I was in a very beautiful soft pink dress, and Ksyusha too, but not in such a beautiful. (It’s just that usually before Ksyusha always tried to look better than me, so I liked that in this dream she looked at me a little with envy). We greeted, talked a little, I asked her something and one of us pronounced the name of Katya. And as if there was a huge basketball court on the street and Katya was there. She answered us something.

And then I woke up.

The bottom line is that now Ksyusha and I are in a quarrel and I tried to communicate with her several times and fix everything, but not in any.

Therefore, I decided to write to you. I hope I wrote everything clearly and you will help me. Thank you in advance!

Online interpretation of a dream Dreamed of a former best friend

But seriously (if the dreamer asks for help).

Her whole life situation is associated with the discomfort of losing her friends. Due to the immaturity of the character, the dreamer feels vulnerable being isolated from the usual society.

The dream declares the dreamer’s dependence on her social group.

It’s like eerkats – one depends on one and they jump off the cliff, if that.

At the age of 17, the dreamer did not yet develop into a woman and remained a teenager.

It was the problem of freezing in childhood, unwillingness to solve any problems that caused this dream.

Low school performance led the dreamer to college. But here, too, she does not have enough stars from the sky, considering this an unnecessary boring.

She just goes with the flow, seeking support from the same infantile personalities.

That’s the whole picture.

A vague worm of doubts appears in my soul that, they say, you need to take up your life, but.

But life experience, upbringing, weak character are still too childishly naive and despite the already quite serious age, the dreamer is not ready for life and wanders through the dark and empty corridors of her ideas about adult life.

It’s time to grow up and start building your life, not go with the flow in brown.

Online interpretation of a dream Dreamed of a former best friend

A dream that soon a diploma, and the dreamer is engaged in garbage;)))))))))))

At this rate, the whole social springboard – the cashier Ramina will help the merchandiser to get a job in the store :)))))))))

Online interpretation of a dream Dreamed of a former best friend

The dream tells the Dreamer not to pull out her Emotional instinct, but to take it into her arms (the expected Ksyusha instead of Katya; envious Ksyusha, the satisfied Dreamer).

Pupil and student Friendship will someday act as a convenient springboard for the realization of Oneself in Society, where there is enough room for everyone who skillfully goes to meet (Katya on a huge Basketball court responds to her Name and no matter who turned to her).

And no psychoanalysis, only a real way out of the problem that worries the young Dreamer.

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