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Dream interpretation dream dreamed of a mouse or rat dreamed of why in a dream a dream dreamed of a mouse or a rat? To select the interpretation of a dream, enter a keyword from your dream in the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing a dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see a mouse or a rat in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books!

In a dream, see a Grandmother or a girl

Powerlessness or weakness

Dream prophecy Vampire or other monster

To the patient’s recovery.

Why is a Vampire or other monster dreaming?

recovery of the patient; killing a monster is a victory over a dangerous enemy, but being bitten by a monster means a serious illness or loss of state

In a dream, see Boiled beef or fish

Yes – loss, dissatisfaction.

Cooking – there is a lot of work to be done.

Dream prophecy Witch or sorceress

Primitive, undeveloped intuition that separates a woman from a holistic spiritual sphere.

The witch as a figure in dreams can relate to the negative aspects of femininity, especially the terrible mother.

Her magical intuitive power is perceived by others as something destructive.

Why is Veko dreaming (red or with barley)

To unexpected income or to a money order.

In a dream, to see a Giant or a very large person

Sleep prediction Travel abroad or cross

Change of position for the better.

Why dream of a Christmas tree in lights or a shiny decoration on a woman

To the catch, getting not what you expect.

In a dream, see If the garden is overgrown with bushes or weeds

Certain character traits that interfere with the integration of the self.

Sleep prediction Eat yourself or your guts in a dream

Bad sleep; portends death.

Why dream of an auto pencil or a fountain pen

They are typical and straightforward phallic symbols, and therefore their interpretation is rather banal.

If your focus is on the retractable lead or refill, then you tend to engage in self-gratification.

In a dream, see Aggression or rage

in a man’s dreams.

Affective saturation of aggression can lead to a narrowing of consciousness.

Exaggeration of aggression can be the result of embellishment – ritualization, and is sometimes demonstrative.

The rage of a man can be the result of the activity of the hidden feminine side of nature in cases of disguising the anima from oneself.

Similarly, a woman directs her rage at a man in connection with an attempt to deny her masculine nature – the animus.

Exaggerated similar-gender rage is commonly associated with bisexuality.

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