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This June, my friend was killed, he was more than a friend, there was a warm relationship. I had a dream today, a strange dream, a little scary. We sat together on the edge of a cliff, in a desert area and talked, which I don’t remember exactly. I only remember that both realized that he was no longer alive. Then we abruptly moved to the courtyard of his house, he remained sitting near the next entrance, but I approached the woman in the car, just drove up.

Moving away from her, she frantically began to remember the full surname, name and patronymic of the guy, the date of death. I met friends near his entrance, asked them, no one really could tell me anything. I remembered myself, went up to the woman in the car and dictated to her. I went up to the guy and said goodbye to him. And in my soul such a feeling remained that I accompanied him to the next world.

I don’t know, maybe I didn’t finish it during my lifetime. Help, I dream about him very often, I could not be at his commemoration, since I left for the village for the feast of the Holy Trinity. I myself would like to tell him a lot, mostly to apologize for everything that I once said or did wrong.

Why does a dead guy dream in a dream?

Online interpretation of sleep Dreams of a deceased guy

When a loved one dies – it seems you will never forget him. You will go to the cemetery almost every week, call his parents and talk in thoughts with him. In fact, it is a normal human quality to forget and "let off" those who are no longer alive. It’s ok and it’s good. This is right. Otherwise, you would have suffered all your life for those who left before you.

The fact that you forget his name and the date of death in a dream suggests that you really are "letting go" him to "that light". It’s good. You said goodbye to him in your sleep. And that’s very good too. Go to his cemetery, talk, promise that everything will be fine with you, and most importantly – do not worry that you will be a bad friend if you stop remembering him.

They say that the souls of the dead feel better, and they are freed from the world when loved ones and relatives stop suffering for them.

Online interpretation of sleep Dreams of a deceased guy

Online interpretation of sleep Dreams of a deceased guy

You know, it’s always like this when you lose someone. After the loss of a person who was not indifferent to you, you begin to hammer your head: I didn’t tell him so much during my lifetime, I didn’t do so much. The same happens to you. Since you had a warm relationship, you, willy-nilly, but remember him. It means that you were good and comfortable with him, you could trust him.

During his lifetime, maybe he had many friends, but as soon as the misfortune happened, the friends disappeared somewhere. Even they could not help you in your sleep, respectively, and they cannot be called friends.

It seems to me that since he did not, so to speak, left this world himself, it is unpleasant for him to think in the next world that he was forgotten, that he suddenly became useless to anyone. What if he loved you, but did not talk about it, and you yourself began to forget him. Of course, this does not mean that you now have to pay tribute to him, swear allegiance and so on in this spirit, but, I think, you should go to church and light a candle for the peace of his soul. Then he will feel calm, and you, and, perhaps, dreams will stop.

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