Dream Dreams. Sleep Interpretation Dreams Free Online

1. At night I sleep and something starts to choke me, I open my eyes – two bluish hands on my neck, I don’t see my face (darkness) . I try to wake up my husband and everything disappears. It seems that in reality.

2. Two weeks later I dream. We have a two-room apartment. In the hall on the couch in the evening I lay the child. Husband drinks with friends in the bedroom. I hear steps and breathing all over the hall. I run to my husband, I say ghosts here. He calmed me down – it seemed. I go to the kitchen. Dark. A woman (like a ghost) is standing near the window, she got scared, I start to drive her out. She laughs so creepy and leaves through the closed window (through the glass) . I go to the hall. I just went to bed, I hear the creak of the door, I go back to my husband, they say that they would not make a noise. They are not in the room (they smoke in the kitchen), I watch the cabinet door by itself opens and closes with a nasty creak. I’m back to my husband, he sends me to sleep.

3. Another 2 weeks later. I’m standing in my mother-in-law’s hallway. I hear in the bedroom she is talking to her father-in-law (he committed suicide in life) . Comes out to me and we talk simply and calmly.

4. Weeks3 later. I sat down next to my son and correct something. Around the sand, behind the bush. I hear a hiss behind me, turn around – a snake, I’m squatting trying to hide the child behind me. No sudden movements. She throws herself at me and bites my right hand above the elbow. I tear it off with my other hand, throw it to the ground, kick it and chase it away. Beaten, she barely crawls away, 4-5 bites on her hand.

5 In 3 days. I’m in the village. Big house, several graves behind the house. They show me a room in the house: 4-5 beds, made neatly and the pillows on them lie so beautifully. I think how am I going to live here if there is a mini-cemetery.

6. A week later. I was going to my parents. Standing at a bus stop and talking to someone. I look, from the side there is a huge black, heavy cloud (through it there are 4-5 bright skylights of the sun) with rain. I’m running home, I’m not wet. I’m standing near the stove pouring soup. Knock on the door. I open it, it’s raining outside, there is a girl (she looks like my friend) pretty, with her children people 5. We talk nicely. Here we go up the steps to the roof and pull a large baby carriage with children. We go out to the roof, the roof is flat. I look high and the beauty is around, the snow glitters, the garlands are burning and the sky is starry and clear. And I feel so good and calm.

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