Dream Drunk ex-boyfriend unexpectedly came to visit. Sleep interpretation Drunk ex-boyfriend unexpectedly

I had a dream on Sunday morning, they parted with the young man for a long time, but nevertheless I dreamed. In a dream, I was with 2 friends in nature, we were resting, it was evening, and then suddenly a company of unfamiliar men appears, and among them is my ex, he did not notice me at first, and then he saw me, I felt uncomfortable, we left. Then I found myself at home, waiting for my friends and my parents to visit, fussing.

Friends came, everyone had fun, and then just as unexpectedly this company of men and my ex came again, and they were all drunk, and the former was shabby and serious, even sad, I was at a loss, I told them why they came to me like this , they began to apologize, they said they would leave soon, my ex suddenly came up to me, took my right hand in his, kissed it, while looking tenderly into my eyes, but I saw his eyes drunk, said not to get upset and he was glad to see me, I went to another room, all the other people (my friends and these men are strangers) stayed with me, and my ex left, it seemed to me that he ran away from me, as if he was afraid of this unexpected meeting with me, even though I was from her did not feel much delight.

Then my parents came, I was not very much in front of them for such a crowd of people, but they were calm, I asked these guys about the ex, what is he, they say he left, I probably woke up in confusion. I had a very vivid dream, I felt the support of my friends and parents, the only thing that upset these men were drunk and the unexpected appearance and the same departure of the ex. Please tell me what this can mean?

Online interpretation of sleep Drunk ex-boyfriend unexpectedly came to visit

The dream highlighted all the Dreamer’s emotions about her former friend – everything would be fine if it were not drunk.

And therefore, the Dreamer at one time chose peace of mind and social stability (instead of problematic relationships), thereby analyzing what happened.

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