Dream Dubious money. Sleep Interpretation Doubtful Money Free Online

I dreamed: my family and I went to a new district (not yet fully completed), in the style of a modern, urban industrial. Everything already looks beautiful, stylish. We stopped at a restaurant. There we were treated to dessert with ice cream. We talked, and I heard a familiar story at the next table, looked around and saw the ex with a new girlfriend. It turned out that he was finishing the construction of this restaurant, and the girl came to his work to cry that she and her two children are alone all the time, and he works all the time. He noticed me, came up when he was left alone. My family also went out somewhere. He apologized for a long time that he could not pull out our relationship, looked at me in pain. I was very attracted to him (he ate straight away that I had to part with him in vain) And then the restaurant owner approached. He sent the ex to work, but he wanted to talk to me, they say he liked how I communicate, that my thoughts and ideas are interesting. We talked and I returned to the family at the table. I liked the owner, and I am completely sincere to him. And I, sitting next to my husband, was inspired by a new acquaintance. And then they brought us a lot of new paper bills. Each in my family a pack (they asked about our dreams and after the answers they gave money, with the words – to fulfill your dreams from the owner.). We were surprised, took. I was flattered that the owner seemed so imbued with my communication that he wanted to make such a pleasant gesture. Then the police arrived and dad began to write a fine. Allegedly, we planned to pay the bill for dinner after 22:00, and in their restaurant this leads to a fine, and the amount of the bill doubles.

I ran to the owner, threw money to him. Like he decided that everything is allowed to him.. Gave money and put us in a situation with the police (who behave with us like we are criminals). And the owner replied – it’s just a business, if you don’t want money, don’t take it. Nearby stood that girl of the former (as if she became a waitress there. She began to persuade me that this is the norm. That how much her owner gives you need to take and thank. I really needed this money, but I considered it immoral (I thought what my husband would say to this, parents, because this is not a completely normal situation, I was afraid of their reaction) and we left there. But, the feeling remained that if it were not for the family nearby, then I would have taken this money (subconsciously realizing that this is probably not for nothing)

Kind of a delusional dream, but it left a lot of vague feelings.. I do not understand for him I dreamed it. Help me to understand

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